It’s our birthday!

It’s our birthday!

17th September 2014

Today is our birthday! Really? Yes really! Well, a little bit at least. Last year on September 17, we re-branded State of Search into State of Digital. From that point on, our new life started. With a lot broader focus and a lot more focus on helping you become a better marketer.

Celebrate with us!

On this page we will collect all the things we do today to celebrate our birthday. It would be great if you would celebrate with us. So share, comment and most of all, thank all those involved!

Start by tweeting this:

[Tweet “It’s @stateofdigital ‘s birthday today! One year of great content! Let’s celebrate!”]

Our celebrations:

Just a few highlights:

What’s to come?

Well many things, off course you will still be getting our great articles, but we will be bringing you much more. More webinars, more whitepapers and more new hot bloggers. We have some exciting stuff for you!

Just wait and see, so keep coming back here (or subscribe to the newsletter below, and off course our social channels!)

Thank you bloggers

Off course one year of writing cannot be done without the writing team, so from this place I (Bas) would like to thank ALL THE BLOGGERS for their contributions in the past year. The content is what makes State of Digital special and that is what you provide!

Pleas help me thank the bloggers by tweeting this out:

[Tweet “A BIG thank you to ALL the bloggers of @stateofdigital for a year of great content! “]

Thank YOU!

But most importantly, we want to thank YOU. The readers, the people who share our information, who help us get ideas and inspiration for creating what we do. Thank YOU!



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Bas van den Beld is an award winning Digital Marketing consultant, trainer and speaker. He is the founder of State of Digital and helps companies develop solid marketing strategies.
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