5 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Infographics That Make your Head Spin

5 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Infographics That Make your Head Spin

28th November 2014

Today is Black Friday. After a day of relaxing and eating Turkey in the US (in other parts of the world the phenomenon is rising as well) people go shopping. Shopping for deals. Black Friday however no longer is just an offline experience anymore. Digital plays a big role, which means a lot of people are finding the deals online as well. Black Friday is even followed by Cyber Monday, which is only online.

This means a lot of pre-work and a lot of data. On this Black Friday we therefor give you not one, but no less than five infographics about the Digital part of Black Friday (and Cyber Monday). Enjoy!

Black Friday by the Numbers

via Forbes



Black Friday eCommerce Statistics

via Nextopia




Black Friday Twitter Predictions

via SocialBro



Black Friday vs Cyber Monday

via AddThis



A guide to reaching Black Friday & Cyber Monday Shoppers

via Brickfish



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