What Have Our Bloggers Got Planned in 2015?

What Have Our Bloggers Got Planned in 2015?

29th December 2014

With 2014 coming to an end, we spoke to a few of our bloggers to find out what they have in store for 2015 on a business and personal level. Keep reading to hear from Gianluca Fiorelli, James Crawford, Matt BeswickJan-Willem Bobbink, Ned Poulter, Barry AdamsClaire Thompson, Andy MillerSarah BradleyRussell O’SullivanKrystian Szastok, Jo Turnbull and Arianne Donoghue.

This isn’t all the blogging team as we didn’t get replies from everyone in time for this post so if there is someone you would love to hear from, be sure to ping them a message on Twitter and ask them! N.B – Don’t forget to change the Twitter handle to the right one.

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State of Digital Bloggers

Let’s get started with a bit of light but interesting reading….

What have you got planned in 2015; Business and Pleasure?

Gianluca Fiorelli

I have nothing really planned for pleasure, apart visiting again Istanbul.

About business plans… I’ve quite few things already going on for 2015, even if right now they still are in the their early steps:
  1. Organizing a mini-conference in Valencia where I live, meant as a field-test for something bigger in 2016. It’s a “dream” I have since few years: organizing a international web marketing confererence in South Europe (and not having to travel around the world for attending one);
  2. Writing four hands an ebook with our own Aleyda Solís;
  3. Having more public speaking opportunities in UK/Europe and USA conferences (hint hint)

James Crawford

My plans for 2015 include trying to grow my company but do so by doing really interesting and innovative work.
I also want my work to take me more places so I can meet new and interesting people. The EU Search Awards in Berlin are in the diary already and I might fly out to Las Vegas for Pubcon too.
To counter any accusations of being boring, I am also planning to travel as much as possible with my family too.  I’ve never been to Japan and while my family spends a lot of time in France, I’ve never visited Lyon either, so that City is also on my hitlist.

Matt Beswick

On the business side some big changes are coming. I’ve got a new business partner who most of you will know (we’ll be announcing things soon) and we’re going to be doing a rebrand in early January too. Aside from that I’m getting married… so 2015’s going to be fairly eventful!

Jan-Williem Bobink

Improving the relationship and results with my current clients and combine that with travelling around to online marketing conferences throughout the world. Combining my work with travelling is the biggest benefit of working in SEO.

Ned Poulter

For both business and pleasure, I’m really looking forward to travelling more in 2015. As it turns out, starting your own business in a foreign country, while trying to visit family, my girlfriend and friends back at home takes quite a lot of time and headspace! In 2014 I particularly enjoyed travelling to a few destinations that I’d not been to yet, such as Iceland for RIMC and Germany for SEOktoberfest. In 2015 I have plans to revisit my friends in Iceland and re-attend RIMC (I recommend everyone else to also!) to network more with the fantastic digital marketers in these places and also to travel to more destinations that I’ve not yet had the chance to, in Europe and further afield!

Although it sounds rather cryptic, I’m incredibly excited for a number of announcements that I’m going to be making in 2015, some of which are smaller side projects that I’ve been looking to get going for a while, others are bigger more enthusing changes. Watch this space!

I think that 2015 is going to be a very exciting year for me and my fellow State of Digital bloggers.

Barry Adams

Compared to previous years, 2015 is different for me when it comes to plans, as this is the first new year that I’ll be my own boss. Since I started out on my own in July of this year, I haven’t been able to do any long term planning for things like holidays as it’s been a constant race to get work done, win new clients, and generally stay on top of my own business.

So there’s not much planned for 2015 at the moment. There are some conferences I will definitely be at, such as the Friends of Search event in Amsterdam, Brighton SEO in April, and of course SAScon. Beyond that, I’m taking it one day at a time.

Claire Thompson

In 2015 I am launching a new business – very exciting and set to disrupt a thing or two! Watch this space.

(Of course, in the unlikely event it comes to nothing, it’s business as usual. I’m lucky: I love my day job (PR) anyway, so I’m in a win-win situation.)

Sarah Bradley

New for 2015 is expanding my client base and working on much larger campaigns also continuing writing and presenting my social media training classes. I also plan to go on an all inclusive holiday somewhere sunny and finish the 17 books I started in 2014 haha.

Andy Miller

Few big things planned for 2015; I’m actually leaving BlueGlass at the end of this month to go on as self-employed, I’m heading up the digital for the Uganda International Marathon, going skiing for the first time and spending far more time on building my fancy dress shop!

Russell O’Sullivan

From a business point of view, for 2015 I would really like to expand my network of people within the industry, I have been lucky to have met and become friends with such a great bunch of people from different agencies and brands alike, so I want that to continue. There are so many interesting and knowledgeable people out there and  met a lot of them during 2014. So more of the same would be great. I would like to also expand more speaking opportunities too. I did a presentation at RIMC this year and the people who organised it and the attendees were fantastic and I would highly recommend getting over to Iceland as the people are great.

From a pleasure point of view, spending time with my family and making sure that they are happy and that Dad isn’t grumpy, because I am working too hard is my main focus. I have two young kids and they grow up really quickly, they don’t care what job I do, they just care that I am there, being happy and having lots of laughs.

Krystian Szastok

Business – speaking at Brighton SEO in April, which is really big for me. Other than that to help grow our digital marketing offering at RocketMill.

Pleasure – going for a nice holiday somewhere with my girlfriend; we havent’ done enough of that this year.

Jo Turnbull


Search London (http://www.meetup.com/search-london/) will continue to have some fantastic speakers. January will kick off with a well known professional in the search industry. It will be announced soon so watch this space.

In 2014 SEO Jo Blogs (http://www.seojoblogs.com)  had a redesign and next year I will continue to work on the site. This year will be updating it more regularly with posts on key industry changes and take aways.

I will continue to work with small to medium sized businesses helping them with their online marketing and in particular their SEO and social media. Businesses can contact me via Twitter (https://twitter.com/SEOJoBlogs) if they would like some help with their marketing in 2015.


I have a travel site (http://being30.com/) which I will be dedicating more time to in 2015. It will have lots of tips on places around the world to visit, all on a budget. I have been to 42 countries so far but have not yet written about some of these amazing places. I will continue to explore new cities and write about them on my blog.

2015 will see me continuing to learn Spanish with the aim of being fluent by December. I have also joined Cross Fit and hope to take part in some of their competitions later on in the year.

Arianne Donoghue

Tricky to say right now – 2014 has been a year full of big change for me, so in some ways I’m looking forward to not having very much planned at all, other than continuing to write for SoD of course! Everyone always says they’d like to travel more, but in 2015 I really would! I’m actually really enjoying with the idea of just going with the flow and seeing where the industry goes and where it takes me.

How About You?

What have you got planned for 2015; business and pleasure? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.


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