Bloggers highlight: Evert Veldhuijzen (@evertino)

Bloggers highlight: Evert Veldhuijzen (@evertino)

27th December 2010

New year is getting closer which means it is time to give some attention to those who really make this blog: the bloggers. See what they wrote, look at how their year was and what their expectations are. A digital thank you for their work.

Today it’s “Dutchy” day. We have four Dutchmen writing for State of Search, including myself. But only half of them actually live in Holland. Evert Veldhuijzen is “the Dutchman from Germany” and to be honest, sometimes he feels more German than Dutch ;). Evert is our “Twitter king”, whenever he is at a conference he can cover the conference on Twitter like no other can. But luckily he can write a little too!

A few questions

Like with the others I asked Evert a couple of questions about 2010 and 2011:

What was your highlight of 2010?

Tough question, I have several highlights. From a business point of view a personal highlight was that we started building websites for customers again. We started building websites in 1999 but stopped doing so a few years ago, to concentrate on online marketing. Now we started to do some new projects together with clients. That’s fun! Other highlight was the SEOkomm conference, where I spoke in a session and did my first moderator job ever.

What was the thing you least liked of 2010?

In my opinion Google starts abusing her position to much. The level of support at Google has never been so bad as in 2010, but we can’t go to anyone else

What was your best post on State of Search in 2010?

I don’t know. Should I decide that? I think people liked my 2 posts about Ad Hijacking (People always like evil things J). Personally I think my “Deep link ratio” post was okay and the tools post of last month.

What are your expectations for 2011?

Personally for my business I will have to hire some people (if someone is interested working in Berlin, drop me a mail!), because we are relaunching some of our affiliate projects next year, because after about 10 years they definitely need improvement and redesign.

I think Google will continue to kick affiliates (like they already did in 2010), who don’t offer enough “added” value in the eyes of Google.

His posts

Evert already mentioned two great posts he wrote this year, but he did more. He also wrote a great post on “Google Instant Search: Do we need a new job?” and he reviewed Christoph Cempers’ “Best Practices with Link Research Tools“. Plus Evert covered several conferences like SES San Francisco, Conversion Conference Hamburg and SEOKomm.

Evert, we love having you on board of our State of Search ship. You are a true ‘believer’ of what we do and you keep us (well me) sharp. Thank you for that and I wish you a great 2011!

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