Bloggers highlight: Lisa Myers (@lisadmyers)

Bloggers highlight: Lisa Myers (@lisadmyers)

22nd December 2010

This blog’s success is built upon the content. And that content is provided by our blogging team. With the end of the year approaching I felt the time was right to give these bloggers some extra attention. Sort of an online thank you. From today until New Years eve next week I will highlight the bloggers from State of Search. Looking at their best posts, finding out what kept them going this year and saying thank you. Today in the first highlight: Lisa Myers.

How can I not start with Lisa? Lisa is the co-founder of this blog. Early 2010 I decided to stop doing Searchcowboys and was looking for my own spot Lisa immediately reacted: “I want to join you”. It’s nice to have friends!

Lisa has done a lot of work ‘behind the screens’ as they say. She’s mostly the brains behind how things look at the site. If you see something horrible, it’s probably something I thought of, not Lisa ;).

Lisa didn’t write too much this year and there was a very good reason for that: In October she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl: Isla. Together with her husband Jon she is enjoying the new life of the family, while Jon also found a new job, Head of Accountmanagement at Yahoo UK.

What Lisa however did write was pure gold again. Though the post she liked most was originally not meant for State of Search, we’ll count it anyway. The post “Double Tall Skinny Non Dairy Social Media To Go Please” is indeed a very good one.

But we should also be sure to mention two other goldies:

Google Local Business Listings – Will it ever be fixed?“, in which she discusses the hijacking of a Google Local Listing, and “The insane world of “No linking Policy” – what happened to the interNET?” in which she talks about big UK brands who actually forbid you to link to them. Stunning stuff.

Lisa, thank you very much for your help on State of Search this year, I hope you and your family will have a great 2011!

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