Bloggers highlight: Louis Venter (@louisventer)

Bloggers highlight: Louis Venter (@louisventer)

23rd December 2010

Going up to the new year I decided it was time to give some attention to those who really make this blog: the bloggers. See what they wrote, look at how their year was and what their expectations are. A digital thank you for their work.

Yesterday we highlighted Lisa Myers. Today it is time for another blogger who was there from the start: Louis Venter. One of those people you meet and instantly have a click with. Louis is one of the nicest people I know. Besides that he is also very knowledgeable. He knows his stuff, and that shows in his posts in which he always shines that extra light on the topic.

A few questions

I asked Louis a couple of questions about 2010 and 2011:

What was your highlight of 2010?

MediaVision growing from strength to strength, turnover up by 70% in the current business climate is a sign that were doing something right! The team dynamic also makes it a pleasure to come to work and with our current client set I’m constantly challenged which is great for me personally.

What was the thing you least liked of 2010?

Economic climate is still tough for a lot of people, seeing that affect close friends in different industries brings home how hard we need to work and not take things for granted.

What was your best post on State of Search in 2010?

Probably my weighted sort post, it’s a real eye opener for most people to get a quick list of phrases that need attention. WE have used it extensively to wring out more ROI for our customers with some really good results along the way.

What are your expectations for 2011?

More of the same would be nice :P. Would be good to see more PPC budget shift into SEO and with the escalating PPC costs were seeing that happen more and more.

His posts

Louis himself feels the weighted sort post was the best post he wrote for State of Search. But he did more. He covered the International Search Summit London in a fabulous way, giving us all the insights on what went on there and then he went on to do the same for the the Conversion Conference London. But he can do more than covering events. He also had a great post about “The Need for Speed in Site Performance and CRO” and one about HTML 5 and SEO. Both pieces of gold you should absolutely read.

Louis, you too, thanks for your great contributions to State of Search in 2010, I hope you will be blogging for us for a long time! But dude, give us a new profile picture already!

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