Bloggers highlight: Nichola Stott (@nicholastott)

Bloggers highlight: Nichola Stott (@nicholastott)

23rd December 2010

2010 is ending and thus I want to talk a little about the bloggers from State of Search since they are the ones providing great content. I want to look at what they wrote, ask how their year was and what their expectations are. A digital thank you for their work.

Today it is time for a very very smart lady: Nichola Stott. I spoke to Nichola for the first time when I interviewed her after she and Sarah Carling had just joined the SEO Chicks. When Nichola came to me with the option of a guestpost the choice was easy: no guestpost, you’re coming to blog with us! And so she did, and in style! I cannot think of one post by Nichola I didn’t like. It was all awesome. And then there were the times we actually met in person, most of the times during conferences. Like the one in Amsterdam where Nichola, and many others, got stuck because of the Icelandic vulcano ash clouds. We had loads of fun, with amongst others Frank Watson and you should ask Nichola how she finally got home.

A few questions

I asked Nichola the same questions about 2010 and 2011 as I did the other bloggers:

What was your highlight of 2010?

Speaking at the University of Southampton. I was asked by the president of the ECS Women Society (Raluca Alina Laic) to speak to all the students about SEO and the convergence of search and social media. It was a really cool place to visit, with amazing facilities, a huge lab full of test machines with every build and OS imaginable. Plus, there was an amazing buzz about the place; even when my talk finished (around 7.30,) the place was still full of students attending evening societies and seminars. It was great to see so much enthusiasm and general passion to learn. I would urge any young person, particularly young women, to seriously consider a career in computer sciences. Setting aside the real and obvious pervasion of technology into our everyday lives; computer sciences and related disciplines are the few remaining fields in which (if you are good and have a genuine passion for your work), a healthy career is pretty much a certainty. As to why I’ve said I would particularly urge young women to consider computer sciences, of the 125 total students in Ralucas’ year group, only eight are women.

What was the thing you least liked of 2010?

On a professional level, there’s been no low point, or any changes or challenges that have not been met and overcome. It’s all gravy.

What was your best post on State of Search in 2010?

My best post on State of Search was probably my first – Bing in 2010. I spent a fair bit of time on it and despite the fact it was written in February 2010 the crux of the message still remains valid.

What are your expectations for 2011?

In 2011 I’m focusing on expanding theMediaFlow; making a critical hire, and freeing up more of my time to drive the business forward.

Her posts

Nichola indeed came in “with a bang”, her post on Bing was one of the best on State of Search period. But posts like “Brand SEO: Tips for building equity off-site” and “Six Ways to Increase Internal Links” are examples of other great posts Nichola has written.

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