Bloggers highlight: Peter Young (@peteyoung)

Bloggers highlight: Peter Young (@peteyoung)

28th December 2010

It’s the bloggers who really make this blog, they provide the great content after all. As you know this week I am paying some attention to the bloggers in these last few days of the year. See what they wrote, look at how their year was and what their expectations are. A digital thank you for their work.

It is time now for Peter Young. Somebody who has a very successful personal blog but still wants to blog with us. And that off course is highly appreciated, also because the content he creates his great. His great view on the search market also means we have invited him to our radioshow several times.

A few questions

I asked Peter the same a couple of questions as the others about 2010 and 2011:

What was your highlight of 2010?

First and foremost getting the opportunity to head the SEO team up at Brilliant Media. After that a number – Sascon 2010, being invited to speak at SES 2011 and also the State of Search Webmaster Radio shows.

What was the thing you least liked of 2010?

Googles consistent changing of the search results pages 🙂

What was your best post on State of Search in 2010?

Possibly my last one – How to make friends and influence people in SEO. However I was pleased with my post on search and social earlier in the year – Are social signals ever going to usurp links.

What are your expectations for 2011?

I guess first and foremost is to develop the Brilliant Media SEO product into one of the market leading agency products out there. On a more personnel level, I would like to do a bit more public speaking and certainly take my personal Holistic Search blog up a level in terms of its UK exposure.

His posts

Wow, which post to highlight from Pete? There are so many great ones to choose from. Like “The Googlolution – Is Google changing too quickly?” or “Does more need to be done to encourage more entrants into Search“. You know what, I can’t decide, decide for yourself!

Pete, I highly appreciate your knowledge and how I can sometimes ‘test’ things with you. That means a lot to me. Thanks for all the posts and your great insights on the radioshow. Let’s continue that in 2011!

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