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A site like State of Digital doesn’t ‘just happen’. It takes a lot of work! And a great team! We would love for you to meet the team who makes this all possible! Click on their pictures or names below to get a full bio.

Meet our chiefs

State of Digital is run by founder Bas van den Beld and Barry Adams. Together they decide on what the future of the site is, who joins us and what happens! Meet our chiefs:


Our editorial team

Our editorial team does one of the most important jobs: it makes sure the content is published. By getting the authors involved, checking the articles and actually hitting publish, the editorial team makes sure you get to actually see the content! Meet our editorial team:

Our current authors

State of Digital has experts from within the digital marketing industry writing for you! These authors publish every five to nine weeks so you can learn from them!

Contributed in the past

We’ve had many authors in the past, find them here!

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