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Clarissa is a bilingual Strategic Marketing MA graduate with rounded experience in a number of key marketing disciplines including social media, project management, research and business development. Clarissa is Marketing Graduate at Linkdex.

2 thoughts on “How Brands Can Encourage Social Sharing

  1. I found the story on Kingged.com and many times I feel that making people to share your content is an art too. We have to make an eye catching story about the main story, so that people are compelled to explore about the main content.

    Further, as stated in article, analysis and stats about some research made by top brands is one of the compelling factor to get their content shared by thousands of audience.

    As, the analysis and research is supposed to be genuine and high quality, so people are more excited to spread the information to their friends too.

  2. Encouraging social sharing is a good way to expose yourself, as well as the things that you are promoting online. It is also a good way to get traffic and leads back to your website.

    However, it might be a tough task if you don’t use the ‘right’ approach.

    As what I’ve read here, brands should appeal to their ‘sense of humor’. I agree with this thought. As long as your readers are affected (emotionally) on what your content is, the more it would likely be shared with others.


    By the way, I found this post shared on Kingged.com

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