#BrightonSEO – Buying Websites for SEO Benefit

#BrightonSEO – Buying Websites for SEO Benefit

4th April 2011

Terrible live blogger that I am, I only made it down to BrightonSEO for the start of the afternoon’s sessions. The truth is  I actually forced myself off my deathbed to make it down for at least half the day. Dedication to the BrightonSEO cause.

I wanted to get there in time for Richard Kershaw‘s talk on buying websites for SEO benefit. Mr Kershaw is far too modest about his impressive portfolio of websites and talents so I was looking forward to learning some useful insights.

Here’s the live blog summary:

First things first – why should you be buying websites for SEO?

– Instant backlinks: you gain a lot of on-topic links in short space of time
– Instant rankings: skip that sandbox!
– Grow larger, faster
– Carpe Diem

And how does Richard do it? Here’s his 10 secrets:

Secret #1 – How to get started

The Good News?

  • Use existing SEO skills
  • Existing tools optional
  • Opportunities everywhere

The Not-So-Good News?

  • Quality sites are hard to find
  • Owners always over-value
  • Capital is required

Secret #2 – Opportunity Everywhere

Do you think that there’s just not the opportunity in your particular sector? Especially the more competitive ones?

It’s a good time to be buying sites – all sorts of domains are coming up for sale.There are sites in the big sectors that mean you can start from scratch.

Secret #3 – Know what to look for
To misquote Warren Buffet – “Don’t buy cheap websites, buy undervalued sites”

Secret #4 – How to find the right sites

  • FLippa (maybe)
  • Which sites rank
  • Google skillz
  • DMOZ et al
  • Digg/Delicious etc
  • Niche hub sites
  • Bankruptcy
  • Private Forums etc

Some of these are more obvious than others, many people don’t even do the simple things. DMOZ – loads of crusty old sites that haven’t been touched in years!Buy sites linking to competitors, take their links away and point them to you.

Secret #5 – How to Talk to Webmasters

1. Make contact (find the advertising page, people always update the contact details there even if they don’t elsewhere)

2. Don’t talk money immediately3. Build relationships4. Appear open & trustworthy5. Be tenacious (stick with it! for want of a better word, you need to nag people!)

Secret #6 – How to negotiate

1. Understand the owner – if you don’t do that you’re doomed. Domainers care about money first, hobbyists care about blood, sweat & tears

2. Traffic, earnings. costs

3. Give a deadline – enough time to consider the offer, not enough to find an alternative buyer

4. Make firm offers

5. Make it easy – e.g. correct currency for that country

Secret #7 – Lies, Damned Lies & Due Diligence
People will lie, ask you to send money.

Trust people but verify with that tell you.

Trust your instincts.

Secret #8 – Don’t get Diddled

1. Use an Escrow service – guaranteed to get the site you’re spending money so worth the commission

2. Contacts/Paperwork

3. NDAs

4. Move quickly

5. Follow your instincts

Secret #9 – get the list by email: [email protected]

And before we get to number 10…
Remember: The 5 Golden Rules
1. What are you buying and why?

2. What’s it worth to you (not the seller)?

3. Don’t buy cheap, buy undervalued

4. Build relationships

5. Be tenacious

As for that Secret #10 – Richard hates publicspeaking. Is he actually any good at it? (I’d consider giving him a gold star.)


Photo credit: www.thinkelectric.org


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Originally from the UK via France and Malaysia, Annabel Hodges is a digital marketer with long experience in the industry now residing in Sydney. She heads up the Digital Marketing at Next Commerce, working across an array of products, channels and brands.
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