Bryan Eisenberg Launches The Online Marketer’s Toolbox: Tools, Tools, Tools!

Bryan Eisenberg Launches The Online Marketer’s Toolbox: Tools, Tools, Tools!

23rd September 2011

Like tools? Well, you are in for a treat! Today Marketing Optimization expert and well known speaker Bryan Eisenberg launches a website which will full fill many people’s needs and dreams. For the past few years Eisenberg, aka @thegrok, has been ‘collecting’ tools and writing about them. He has now put all these tools on one website:

The website gives us insight in many tools, currently already 150. And counting, because Bryan wants to keep extending the website with tools he finds on the web and uses.

It is not just SEO tools which we can find here. Eisenberg has several categories of tools on the website. From Social Media tools to eyetracking tools to survey tools. Paid and free. Eisenberg collected all these tools over the years. This week at SMX Stockholm he showed me the site for the first time and answered some questions:

Bryan Eisenberg is planning on expanding the site. For that he needs more tools! So if you have any tools you feel should be on there, leave a comment and we’ll let him know, or @tweet him.

Also, we and Bryan want to know which of the tools on the website you would REALLY want to see reviewed here on State of Search. Again, let us know and we will make a great review of the three most voted tools!


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