Call for PPC & CRO speakers at the next ADworld Experience

Call for PPC & CRO speakers at the next ADworld Experience

29th July 2019

May be not all of you know that the largest vertical PPC event in Europe is held every year during spring time in Italy ( disclaimer: I am its founder 😉 ).

It is named “ADworld Experience“, the next edition will be on the 23rd and 24th of April 2020 in Bologna (just in the middle of Milan-Florence-Venice triangle) and we are now searching for real cases in Pay Per Click & Conversion Rate Optimization to set the lineup of speakers for the next date.

In past editions almost all the “big names” of our industry passed by  such as Brad Geddes, Frederick Vallaeys, Martin Roettgerding, Mark Irvine, Michelle Morgan, Ann Stanley, Karl Gilis, Samantha Noble, Tim Stewart, Dennis Yu, Purna Virji, Pauline Jakober, Ton Wesseling & Bart Schutz, just to name a few of them in no specific order.

ADWorld Experience

The peculiarity that makes this event standing out over the many other dealing with Pay Per Click has always been the main focus on real case stories (it is the largest real PPC-cases-only event in the World), to which we added in 2014 a first day of more “classic” advanced seminars.

In the 8 previous editions we had over 140 cases exposed by more than 160 speakers (which resulted in more than 250 hours of video recordings), dealing with all online mass advertising circuits: Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram, Amazon, Linkedin, Microsoft, Twitter and other minor platforms + whatever interesting CRO case history connected to PPC campaigns.

Case studies do not need to be huge successes or big budgeted ones. They only have to show how you optimized your account and conversion rates in a specific market or niche. In other words, we are interested in what you would have found interesting to know before you did what you did. Of course repeatable and scalable strategies will have a preferential route to the event.

Overcoming Stage Fright

It is not so relevant if you have previous experiences in speaking at web marketing events. The most important requirement is to have interesting facts & figures to show and to be able to explain them in details. The format of the conference in fact requires each case to be presented in 20 minutes + 10 minutes of Q&A from participants (who mainly are European in-house, agency or freelance PPC professionals). This could turn presentations in quite a “nerdy” cross-fire shooting range and the stage very hot for commercial representatives not personally managing campaigns themselves.

There is not a real deadline to submit the cases, but I strongly suggest you to present them as soon as possible, and anyway within November 2019, if you want to have a real chance to be considered for the event.

To apply read all requirements here:

Good luck with your application. I really hope to be welcoming you at ADworld Experience next April in Bologna (the city with the largest agri-food park in the world) and, if you have any doubt, please do not hesitate to post them here.  I’ll do my best to solve them.



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Freelance AdWords & CRO professional, Gianpaolo is among the first Italian web marketing professionals and ideated ADworld Experience, one of the largest PPC events in the world.
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