Can Search Marketers Get Their Head Round Display?

Can Search Marketers Get Their Head Round Display?

23rd February 2011

The fact is display and search are getting ever closer, I thought more attendees would want to learn more about how the biddable media but a half empty room suggests otherwise. Ultimately their loss and our gain as, Ciaran Norris, Head of Digital, Mindshare Ireland, Sacha Berlik, Founder and CEO, mexad & James Yancey, Managing Director, SearchIgnite Europe shared their view.

Here were the big takeaways

1. Display is becoming more about auction based models, if you ‘get’ paid search you’ll pick up display easier than ever.

2. In search an advertiser is represented by a keyword, in display their represented by a Cookie, for some situations the keyword is better, sometimes the demographics in a cookie is more valuable.

3. Display on auction isn’t important because of the auction it’s because of the data in the cookies.

4. There is a difference between real time display and auction based displayed appreciate it.

5. DSP is a technology platform that allows you to bid across multiple ad auctions, in search it would be like bidding on Yahoo, Google & Bing.

6. Having a Demand Side Platform (DSP) isn’t enough, understand what data it contains as that’s what’s important

7. Display Bid Management us the best entry point for PPC firms into display

8. Display buyers ignored PPC for years, search firms shouldn’t make the same with Ad Exchange buying.

While a little full of three letter acronyms (or TLA) this was the lesson I learned the most from all day.


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Kelvin Newman is Creative Director at SiteVisibility and specialises in achieving natural search results and producing link-worthy online content, working with a variety of brands including the RSPCA & uSwitch.
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