Case Study: Rebranding from a Search Agency to a Digital Agency

Case Study: Rebranding from a Search Agency to a Digital Agency

13th March 2013

Last year the London agency MediaVision went to a rebranding. This post is a case study on why MediaVision rebranded from a search to a digital marketing agency. The case study includes on why we wanted to re-brand and everything that we needed to consider before making the big decision.

It highlights our biggest tasks such as designing a new website that would communicate to the world who the new brand was as well as the most challenging hurdles we needed to overcome for a successful execution. Now the new MediaVision brand has launched, here is our case study on how we planned and delivered it.

The idea behind the rebrand

The big decision for us to rebrand and change from a search agency to fully integrated digital marketing this February came about several months before, when the marketing landscape started to blur its lines with typical services under the digital marketing umbrella and more and more digital campaigns started to integrate with one another instead of working in solitary.

Affiliate marketing now spills in to blogger outreach, online PR now compliments SEO and for us to keep one step ahead, producing quality links that would last bolstered on to a cross digital campaign, it was time to stop thinking of SEO on its own and integrate it with new services such as digital marketing alongside our existing PPC, CRO and SERM services. Cross digital campaign creating, planning and executing is now the new direction.

What did our rebrand mean for our clients?

Before such rebranding ideas occur, queries of how this would affect our current position had to be thought out and most importantly communicated. As a search agency that has enjoyed great success in the SEO sector it was important to communicate to the public and existing clients that SEO is very much still a strong skill of ours as well as still being an important focus for the company. It was not about totally disregarding SEO, but rather about SEO becoming a result from great integrated marketing which is now the future. Our concentration to still carry out great SEO with our current and prospective clients will still be one of the main focuses, but will also be complimented by the new digital marketing techniques.

Firstly the re-brand had to encompass one thing to make MediaVision’s mark; namely consistency.

From the new website showing off the agency’s new identity right down to our email footer, everything about MediaVision as a digital marketing agency had to be consistent to one another.

The logo

mediavision-new-2A new brand meant a new logo. We wanted to illustrate the new and existing services the brand will offer working in harmony with each other- all vital aspects of digital marketing that are fundamental in launching a campaign, working towards an ultimate goal in bringing the client online exposure and return on investment. It’s a strong message, so it was important to try and design a logo that would demonstrate this, but more importantly unique to anything the public has seen before.

Uniqueness played a bigger part than we ever thought would, with the brand materialising with each day we approached a speed bump that would not only delay our rebranding but raise the question “how unique is any idea”? With more and more agencies saturating the market, would our logo ever stand out?

The day when we found not only another agency, but a search agency with a very similar logo to us, we had to go straight back to the drawing board and it was for the better! The result is a logo that truly represent the new MediaVision; colourful, imaginative and collaborative.

The colours in our logo represent the different services, the interlinking circles forming an infinitive circle represents just that; all incorporated into each other to form the MediaVision brand.

mv-Case-StudiesThese colours were now our brand colours, filtering into our new website, our document templates to our business cards. We wanted our website to demonstrate the vibrancy and the personality of the brand so we made sure that all copy on the website would be written by us, the agency, with no third person tone in sight. This was the biggest change in the agency itself. We wanted to be more personable with the people we aim to work with, and if they saw how we work and how the character of MediaVision shone through the website, then ultimately they would have the most accurate perception of us.

Displaying our case studies and successes in vibrant infographs and showing every member of the MediaVision team over the two offices (including the CEO Louis Venter’s dog, Milo!) in artistic drawings, showing every MediaVision member’s background, accomplishments and passions gave every person who logged onto the brand’s website a sense of the people behind the agency’s logo were.

We wanted the MediaVision blog to demonstrate the brand’s knowledge and passion for all things digital marketing and with 12 out of a team of 16 blogging we aim to give our followers on all social networks as well as visitors to the new site an in-depth analysis and report on the latest news in the marketing industry; whether it’s about a new Google update or an impressive social media campaign.

With all these aspects coming together like an intricate puzzle, consistency had to run through everything; artwork, brand message, tone of voice, social media profiles and more importantly have our target audience at the heart of every stage. The rebrand could have taken a couple of months, but it was important to not bargain any aspect of the process.

What’s next?

Now the new MediaVision brand has fully launched with its new identity we hope to see 2013 as a big year for success with great cross digital campaigns and new client wins ahead of us!


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Jodie Harris heads up the Digital PR division at MediaVision. She has worked in publication relations since 2008. She specialises in bringing the rules of traditional PR to a digital platform.
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