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Facebook and AdWords: Better Together

Tara West gives some amazing tips on how to combine both Google’s astounding reach and Facebook’s unparalleled targeting opportunities when used together – to unleash a new world of possibilities for targeting the right customer.

AdWords self-optimizing accounts demystified

AdWords is clearly moving towards higher automated and keyword-less accounts, even if a full automatic long-lasting optimization is still yet to come. It is already possible to create campaigns automatically reacting to competitors’ activities and keeping high performances without manual changes. This post looks at some examples of this.

How to Win at Facebook Ads for Ecommerce

Facebook ads are also an invaluable format for ecommerce campaigns. A recent Facebook ads campaign we ran for a well known high-street retailer generated an ROI of over 300%* based on online sales alone. Tara West gives 10 top tips on winning at Faacebook ads.