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How to Use Digital PR for Events

As the events industry is becoming increasingly competitive and with new events in different sectors cropping up every year, Jodie Harries takes a look at the smartest option is to adopt digital and invest digital PR into your promotional activity.

What 5 Years in Russia Taught TripAdvisor About Russian Optimization and Yandex SEO

Russia offers the highest European Internet population with 83 millions users and considerable upside with a 54% Internet penetration, but it also offer differences and a unique set of challenges for both local and international businesses. Among these differences in the complicated Russian language and the dominance of local search engine, Yandex. This informative interview with TripAdvisor’s VP of SEO, Luc Levesque offers great insight for those optimizing a Russian website and learning about Yandex SEO.

The Price of Off Brand Digital PR

Ensuring your marketing efforts, in any field, is aligned with the brand’s tone and ethos is the first box to tick when planning promotional work. As Digital PRs who are outreaching and selling in with SEO in mind, it can be hard to avoid creating off brand digital PR to get great links.