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Strategic social media in three straightforward steps

If your brand doesn’t have a social media strategy then be prepared to fall behind. A strategic social media plan can help you to get started – give you an idea of what’s working for your business and what’s not. The framework below is simple but effective, read Helen’s post to find out more.

5 reasons journalists aren’t opening your pitch emails

When it comes to sharing a story with journalists, especially in this era where media are notoriously hard to reach on the phone email is everything. This means that reaching out via email is the most effective and direct medium of getting your press release to the right media contacts. Therefore, the open rate for a campaign has become the all-important metric for understanding why you may or may not be swimming in links and coverage. Rebecca Lee shares how to ensure your emails are opened.

3 Reasons You Need More Company Pages on Your Website

In an age of digital personalisation, it becomes increasingly easy to focus so much on the individual that organisations forget about the brand. Lack of company purpose pages online is eroding brand differentiation, distinction, and clearly communicated purpose for being. Lee Wilson shares with us three reasons you need more company pages.