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Repurposing Unsuccessful HAROs

HARO (Help A Reporter Out) is like a matchmaking service between marketers/PRs and journalists/bloggers. Steve Morgan explains how to re-use failed HARO requests so that your effort will not go to waste.

How to create the perfect Brandjack

Jodie Harris takes a look at what Brandjacking is, a few recent examples and how it could work for you to gain some brand presence and how to execute it so well that you can gain those PR links.

How to PR non-product brands

In a dream world, all clients that walk through the door will be established, a leader in their industry and have shed loads of products to PR to authoritative sites. Its not always the case that your client will be established in their industry, or have lots of products to be able to PR. Jodie Harris takes us through some key points on how to PR a company with no products to PR, but are more service led or B2B.

From Travel to Training via Some Dodgy Links

The lines between good PR and paid link inclusions are often blurred. Claire Thompson explores the issue and provides some insights for journalists, PR and SEO professionals to keep in mind when paying for link inclusions in high profile publications.

The Price of Off Brand Digital PR

Ensuring your marketing efforts, in any field, is aligned with the brand’s tone and ethos is the first box to tick when planning promotional work. As Digital PRs who are outreaching and selling in with SEO in mind, it can be hard to avoid creating off brand digital PR to get great links.