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Two short years…

This post details my personal digital marketing journey from graduating with a BSc Honours in Marketing, my struggle to find employment, my embarking on an adventure to set-up my own social media marketing business and becoming a Social Media Executive at a great digital marketing agency in Belfast, working with an innovative team of digital marketing savvy people. It details my experiences and the opportunities that have been presented to me in two short years.

Jack’s Adventures in Twitterland

After years of Twitter failure, I decided that it was time to get it right. Through analysing my past performance, carrying out interviews and reading a whole load of research, I confronted my Twitter shortcomings head on. I documented every stage of the process, and picked up a huge amount of Twitter knowledge along the way. I am proud to present what I achieved in this process, and more importantly to share what I have learned.

Are We Blinded By Digital?

When you’re new to the digital industry, it’s easy to get lost in the fast-paced developments of new trends and the latest marketing buzzwords. The most important lesson I learnt in my first year of digital was to keep it simple and take marketing back to basics. Instead of worrying over the latest mechanisms, you can focus on the main objectives of the business you’re working on behalf of to ensure that you make the right decisions. The void between traditional marketing and the digital world is much smaller than we think when we are not blinded by digital.

Cancer and Canonicals: My 2 Years in Digital

Like many millenials I was struggling to find a career that I felt really fitted my personality and skill set. After stumbling into digital marketing and completing distance learning courses, I managed to secure a job at a digital marketing agency which I loved. After only five months in the role I was diagnosed with a Stage 3 cancer.

5 Things I’ve Learnt in 2 Years in the Digital World

Having moved from a completely unrelated career teaching Classics, I joined the digital world back in 2013. I was entirely naïve to the industry at the outset, believing that Penguins and Pandas were nothing more sinister than cute animals often featured on greetings cards. During my first two years in the industry though, I have become wise to the ways of the digital world, discovering that it takes a lot of research and self-education to keep up to date with the ever moving updates and learning how to combat the challenges the industry so frequently throws at us.

21 Months in Digital Marketing: Why I’m Still Here

Like many young ‘professionals’ (for lack of a better term) who have found themselves in a job almost straight after graduating, and having to watch friends, acquaintances, and those Facebook ‘friends’ you never talk to, pack up and head off to sun-kissed lands to ‘find themselves’, I often ask myself what I’m doing, or more precisely, why I’m doing it. The answer? Read on and find out.