CEMPER.COM Announce LinkDetox & New Direction for Consultancy

CEMPER.COM Announce LinkDetox & New Direction for Consultancy

20th November 2012

Yesterday CEMPER.COM announced that after 3 years of innovation of their tools, they will be stopping link building services as a separate service to new clients and changing focus towards the creation of more Link Research Tools.

We spoke to Christoph C. Cemper about the change of Direction and about the New Link Detox Tools.

“By no means is link building a dead end street, but without the proper knowledge and data, it’s easy to fall for ‘quick cheap link’ scams that can definitely get you in trouble really quick.” Christoph C. Cemper

The Link Detox Tool

If you’ve been getting those friendly unnatural link warnings from your Webmaster Interface, you need to investigate the links and deal with them effectively. The Link Detox Tool can help you:

  • Find bad links
  • Help you clean up your link profile
  • Integrates with the Google Disavow tool
  • Remove unwanted links

Interview with Owner Cristoph C Cemper

The Link Detox Tools has been around since August but was updated yesterday along with the websites www.linkresearchtools.com and www.linkdetox.com

We have not reviewed the tool in depth, but we did speak to Cristoph C. Cemper founder of Link Research Tools and CEMPER.COM to ask some questions.

What makes linkdetox different from other software?

It’s actually the first – and only –  software that combines huge link-databases with link intelligence –i.e. automated rules that create quality signals like Google does. It’s astonishing how often some of the “older” rules are still ignored by webmasters.

What does LinkDetox do?
LinkDetox is a one-click analysis for your link profile that recommends which links are toxic or at least suspicious. The other 17 tools in the Link Research Tools suite range from Competitive Analysis, Link Alerts to niche research based on keywords.

How easy is the Link Detox System to use?

In fact because of the comprehensiveness a lot of new users are overwhelmed with the possibilities this opens. Compared to the ‘average SEO toolkit’ it’s really overwhelming.

That’s why we tried to make LinkDetox the first LinkResearchTools module that tries to solve all questions for the user right from the start, while other tools work more like the ‘deep dive’ tools that Google has to inspect link graphs.

What does it cost?

Starting from $1 for the link detox up to EUR 1300 for the full fledged Enterprise edition of Link Research Tools

What is ‘new’ about it?

We combine 23 different link data sources and validate & filter those for accuracy. The new approach here means we focus on the result and benefit of the data for the user instead of trying to build ‘just another outdated link index’.

With our technology we validate whatever we get and can solve the problem that some link data sources often provide outdated data – if needed we just re-crawl for the user. So one really unique advantage is, that users ALWAYS have up to the minute accurate info, for the combined link data AND those 97 metrics we provide for each link.

What made Cemper decide to no longer offer consultancy services?

Consultancy is something still needed. Let’s name it – we no longer offer link building as standalone service.

The difference is clear – a client wanting X amount of new links might miss on a lot of opportunities if not looking at the full picture. That’s why we want to educate users to either do the full circle SEO with our tools or might even provide full service for some selected partners or clients still but ‘simple link building jobs’ we won’t do in the future.

What other exciting developments might there be on the horizon?

With Link Explorer we will provide a fully visual tool to investigate any link graph. That will provide similar outstanding advantages as a game changer like the Competitive Landscape Analyzer did since it’s launch in March 2010. Also we have some really sophisticated improvements coming for Link Detox and rating of link quality signals.

Think of the current Link Detox being able to fix the problems of SEO knowledge not updated since 2007 or so, there’s a lot more to fix… and people will need it for upcoming Google Penguin or whatever updates come along.

I think Google has just started to enforce SEOs not do bad things from 2004-2006 and they have a lot more they can throw at bad SEOed websites. We will try to keep up with their quality enforcement strategy.

Do you think this is this a sign of things to come with more agencies ie providing the tools over consultancy?

Yes, to my knowledge we are really the first ‘link building company’ that switches to technology & knowledge and practically forces their new clients to “think full circle”.

Don’t get me wrong, selling link building services or link packages of whatever dimension has been a fruitful business for years, but I think it’s the wrong approach to just think ‘more links from wherever’. Therefore I think several other companies will follow us to educate and support their clients up to state-of-the-art of 2012 and beyond SEO.

With more Guidelines suggesting that social, and better content is going to be required, can we expect to see more social tools from Cemper?

Definitely. We already interpret data from all big social plattforms Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest for almost two years and that was just the start. Authorship is a big thing to come too and we have a lot of things on the roadmap for the next year. With every month SEOs need to get smarter and get better data.

Will you be looking at also creating tools for paid search marketers?

A very good question.

Oscar Wilde said – “I’m a man of simple tastes. I’m always satisfied with the best.” – I can relate to that very well and so I built Link Research Tools for Links and SEO.

I haven’t seen something that suits me well in the paid search market, so… I have some un-served needs, even after evaluating a dozen different tools on the market, so yes, I see a very good chance that we could enter that market as well. Depending on needs and possible partners the timing of different options varies.

How do you see the roles of SEO’s changing?

SEOs do have the responsibility to integrate the whole enterprise to make the whole company search marketers. That’s what we do in full service internet marketing services, and anything less is not acceptable from my point of view.

Today you cannot afford to have separate departments launching websites, facebook and Adwords-campaigns, newsletters etc without integrating with an SEO in charge.

That being said, SEOs have a LOT higher responsibility today than in the past.

What do you see as the future of SEO?

See above and…We strongly believe that SEO cannot be considered as an isolated part anymore. It’s necessary to integrate all bits and pieces into your Internet Marketing campaign.

It is interesting is that many enterprises aren’t even ready for the ‘new SEO’… so going back to the whiteboard and rip those bits & pieces apart can become a major requirement in many cases.

There are some great resources and insights on the CEMPER.COM Website regarding the bigger picture here: www.cemper.com/internet-marketing-consulting/setup

Not sure what Link Research Tools Do?

here’s a handy video from Link Research Tools to explain LRT


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