SEOs for Charity: Win tickets for SMX Stockholm, OMCap, SEOkomm & SEO-Day
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SEOs for Charity: Win tickets for SMX Stockholm, OMCap, SEOkomm & SEO-Day

5th October 2012

It’s October, again – and that means „conference madness” all over! Right now there is SMX East going (where StateOfSearch – in person of Jackie and Jo – is of course covering various sessions), PubCon Vegas is close and also in Europe there are A LOT of events going to be held within the next couple of weeks.

My schedule does look jam packed as well as I’m gonna be doing two sessions at SMX Stockholm (“Schema & Authorship: How to get the most out of it” together with fellow Googler Anu Ilomäki) as well as 40 minutes of hardcore performance optimization (“Faster Sites Win! How to speed your sites up!”). If you’re around, make sure to say “Hello”. Afterwards there are two popular German conferences as well, SEO-Day in Cologne (which will be held in the famous RheinEnergie Soccer Stadium) as well as the OMCapital (in cooperation with SES conference series). Both agendas are jam-packed with SEO and – if you speak German – must-go events. And in November there will be the third edition of SEOkomm (my conference highlight in 2011, there is a quick recap here) where I’ll be doing two sessions, one titled “Black Hat Protection Strategies” and the second being part of an awesome Linkbuilding Panel. And I’m also giving a 4-hours workshop linkbuilding-workshop just prior to that, whew…

So… what’s the reason for this post now?” – Well, there is one, I promise. And it’s for a good cause! Hang on just for a sec. So, interestingly enough my good friend Marcus Tandler and I will be exactly at the same shows. And Marcus decided to give away tickets for each of those four awesome events. For free! Well… almost… they’ll be going for a good cause. Which one (and what you do) is basically completely up to you!

To give you an idea: Last year’s winner Alexander got the 2011 edition of this ticket give-away by suggesting that he’d be handing out self-brewed, hot coffee to homeless folks at Hamburg’s Kennedy-bridge over a period for a couple of weeks (if you’re interested, here is his post). Just awesome!

To participate in this give-away you basically just have to post your idea (as detailed as possible including the event you wanna attend) as a comment over at Marcus’ Google+ profile – the ideas having the most plusses by Monday, 8th of October 2012 will win the ticket. As simple as that. So -> submit your cause now!

And since we figured that this might still not be enough to convince you guys do some real good, on top you’ll get an exclusive 20 minutes “one-on-two” session with Marcus and my-humble self – to ask whatever you wanna know… in terms of SEO, of course 😉

All right folks – that’s the deal. Hope you like the idea and sorry for the slightly off-topic post. I’ll promise, my next one will be even more worth reading (*fingerscrossed) !


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