State of Digital is expanding the chiefs team with Barry Adams

State of Digital is expanding the chiefs team with Barry Adams

30th August 2016

“Hire the best people for the job and don’t be afraid to let them do the job.” It’s a management saying you hear a lot. It’s also something most managers don’t do.

When I asked Sam Noble to become chief editor of State of Digital, I tried to do just that: hire the best person for the job. Even though we are all in it on an honorary basis. In the past two years, Sam and I have worked together in a very exciting way. She can truly get stuff done that I can’t. I’m hoping we can continue doing that for years to come.

We also noticed that, partly because of the fact we are all doing this next to our day-to-day jobs, our talents needed some help. Help to get the ideas and challenges we have to actually get done. And help that lies in a different area: there where our knowledge just isn’t as good as that third person.

So in the last year, we started asking our editor Barry Adams for more input and more help. Which, as Barry is, he gave us, without thinking about it.

This is why Sam and I found that our team or chiefs should be expanded. And that there could only be one person for the job: Barry.

This is why I reached out to Barry to ask him to join our small group of chiefs. And I am happy to say that without any hesitation he answered positively.

This means we are expanding our team of chiefs on State of Digital. And it means that again I can say that we’re “hiring the best for the job”.

I’ve known Barry for many years. He’s been around the longest on the sites Searchcowboys, State of Search and currently State of Digital. You could say he earned his trust :-). His great knowledge of SEO, the technical side of things and the industry, will help us move forward again.

We’re planning and talking about how we can adapt to the changing industry and market. You’ll be seeing things about that soon. We’re strong as ever, but we know that in this world, nothing stays the same, not even for a day.

So join me in welcoming Barry Adams to our team! I know he can be grumpy at times, but do say something nice about him anyway 😉


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Bas van den Beld is an award winning Digital Marketing consultant, trainer and speaker. He is the founder of State of Digital and helps companies develop solid marketing strategies.
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