Chrome Search Giving Blank Results? Here’s The Workaround

Chrome Search Giving Blank Results? Here’s The Workaround

3rd July 2012

Having issues with searching through your Chrome browser? You’re not alone. The browser seems to be playing up.

One of the reasons browsers became important for search engines was the new found option to search from the URL bar. Just start typing, hit enter and the search engine you’ve set as your default search engine will show the results. Handy.

Ever since a few years Google has got Chrome as their own browser. Next to the URL function Chrome gives Google a lot of information on the searcher. Many people using Chrome however use it because of the speed: it is a fast browser. A lot of people using Chrome have been having issues using the search through URL bar functionality. They are getting a blank page after a search.

The workaround

Google is looking into the issue and will fix it hopefully very soon. It would be surprising if they didn’t, because it will cost them market share if they don’t. For some they might not even get the issue at all.

In the meanwhile if you are getting the issue you can find a workaround here:

Click the wrench icon and navigate to “Settings.” Under the Search section, click “Manage Search Engines” and do the following:

1. Create an alternative Google search option from Other Search Engines (call it Google2 or something), but in the URL section type “”
2. Make the new Google option the default option, ensuring that the old identifier still exists.
3. Use this option until Google fixes the issue, it will restore all the functionality of the Omnibox and other features that the temporary solution doesn’t provide.

You don’t need to restart the browser.

Note: make sure you don’t delete the the Google search entry which is there, you won’t be able to get it back that easily if you do. Add this as an extra search option for now.


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