6 Common SEO Questions and 3 Tools to Answer Them

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With so many tools out there lately it’s difficult to stay up to date to test all of them and identify which SEO problem can they help you to solve –which should be their final purpose after all-.

To help a bit with this here I share 6 common SEO questions and 3 SEO tools -that I have already tested- to answer them easily:

1.   What’s the competition level for a specific keyword?

SerpIQ can quickly help you to identify the level of competition for a specific keyword related to your site giving a competition index.

This is a metric that takes into consideration the authority, incoming links, age, social activity and on-page optimization– of the top results for a specific keyword in the Google country version that you select, providing  an average level of competition that you can take into consideration as a relative indicator to prioritize the keywords you can more easily rank for.

It also gives you other data such as the keyword’s search volume and CPC, that will help you to make a faster decision:

serpIQ - SEO Tool

2. Which other keywords can you suggest me to rank for?

Another handy functionality that serpIQ provides is a fast and friendly visualization for keyword suggestions. Using SEMrush it shows the related terms, average CPC, search volume and domain availability for a keyword you specify:

serpIQ - SEO Tools

3. In which social network is my site content shared the most?

Socialcrawlytics answers to this question for free. It crawls your site (or your competitors’ if you want) looking for the social shares for each of the internal pages in the most popular social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest.

With this information it generates a visually attractive report indicating the social networks where your pages have been shared:

Social Crawlytics - SEO Tool

4. What is the most socially shared content of my site?

Socialcrawlytics also generates a report specifying the total amount of shares that your site (or competitor’s) pages have had in each social network:

SocialCrawlytics - SEO Tools

5. What’s the position of my (and my competitors’) incoming links in the pages where they are included?

CognitiveSEO gives you not only the position of your incoming links in the pages they have been included –whether it is in a text paragraph, group of links, images, footer, etc.- but also your competitors’ links and can also indicate which of those incoming links are common between you two… all in just one report:


This is really useful for a Post-Penguin link analysis along with the anchor text distribution and site wide links reports that can be also easily generated with CognitiveSEO.

6. Which of my incoming links have changed during the last week?

You can also easily monitor your incoming links status with CognitiveSEO –and manage them by assigning link partner’s data- with reports including the information coming from the incoming links that have changed since the day before or during the last week, whether they are broken, have become nofollowed, have changed the anchor text, etc.:

CognitiveSEO - SEO Tool

As you can see this automatically solves what can potentially be a time-consuming activity in link building campaigns.

Did you already know these tools? If so, which are other SEO questions you answer with them? How do they help you with your SEO activities? 

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About Aleyda Solis

Experienced International SEO Consultant -service that she provides through her company Orainti. She’s a frequent SEO speaker at international conferences & blogger.

35 thoughts on “6 Common SEO Questions and 3 Tools to Answer Them

  1. Great tools! I think they are a bit much for the average Joe trying to get a decent ranking on their own but an awesome resource for anyone with a bit of knowledge and the commitment to go above and beyond general keyword research and link building. Thanks!!!

  2. Really useful tools but still searching a tool for accurate keyword ranking ( Tested only like above mentioned ) ?

      1.  Hi Aleyda, Thanks for quick response, but I thinks those were not tested as i requested. SEScout has not even make me to register after many attempts (Ii am sure it won’t be able to provide accurate ranking data) and authoritylabs is saying it will take around 30 minutes to get ranking for single keyword ( Result still awaited after 15 minutes and will let you know its accuracy). Please let me know if you know about any truly tested ranking tool which could accurately find out the ranking on Google

        1. Hello again Vivek! I use both of them actually and is really weird what happened with SEscout. With Authority Labs yes you need to wait a while at the beginning, that’s normal… but the good thing is that the ranking is automatically updated (for both of the tools actually) and web based so you can check your everyday rankings without doing anything more than the initial configuration. You can also try Rank Tracker (which I have also used before) which can be more straightforward at the beginning but is not web-based. Cheers!

  3. I use a tool called SyCara.  I love the site audit it can be a bit technical but the detail is excellent and the ranking data and the way in which I can compare ranking improvement over time is great.

  4. I use a tool called SyCara. I love the site audit it can be a bit technical but the detail is excellent and the ranking data and the way in which I can compare ranking improvement over time is great.

  5. Hi Vivek & Aleyda,
    Try rankerizer.com. I use them quite regularly. It is quite fast. Just sharing the experience.
    Note: i am no way associated with Rankerizer nor an employee nor a paid associate of Rankerizer.

  6. This is brilliant. I thought that Google does all the job but with the help ofGoogle SEO in Dayton, you can see that the clients sites are ranking up from page 10 to 5 or even to , if you have SEO partner.

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  8. Right now it sounds like Expression Engine is the best
    blogging platform out there right now. (from what I’ve read) Is that what you are using on your blog?

  9. Yes, I agree. These the most common SEO questions that we have always facing but I’m thankful that you have given us these 3 tools that will be very helpful in answering these common questions. These tools will allow me to perform my analysis very much easier.

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