makes it personal with a CRM Platform for Twitter
Social Media Marketing makes it personal with a CRM Platform for Twitter

18th September 2012

Social Media has become important for all kinds of relationships online and there are many social dashboards available for social management. However  there are not many tools to build and maintain relationships whilst also analysing the importance of the ‘influencers’ in detail. – based in Tel Aviv in Israel may be about to change the game with a new new customer relationship management platform (CRM) allowing you to answer important social business questions at the click of a button making it easy to focus on high value members /influencers, and nurture top supporters to help spread your word and manage your community to effectively drive business. is smart, simple to use and as from this week also integrates with Buffer for intelligent social sharing.

What is is a relationship management platform allowing you to track back into a user profile to see how many engagements you have had, the history of the relationship, alongside many other important pieces of information that you may miss using a conventional Twitter Dashboard. Engagement is measured across mentions, retweets, shares, favourites.

Twitter is inherently message-oriented and real-time, always bringing focus to the latest tweet or mention, this is part of it’s magic. But the problem is that on Twitter all statuses are treated as equals – meaning that engagement from influencer has the same visibility for you as a random mention, and this maks it difficult to prioritize your efforts. In addition, tweets lack relationship context … solves these painpoints by bringing priority and context, that are inherent to real-world relationships, to Twitter

How does work?

On start up, the system links to your twitter account (we used the free trial which is limited to one twitter profile). Followers and relationships are then brought in to the system for more detailed analysis under main headings; relationships, followers, engagement, new leads, groups and more.

Manage Relationships

This section shows details for relationships you have with top influencers, supporters and engaged members and giving actionable insights into the value of each member. makes it very easy to pick up a conversation from where you left off, find out how much you have actually engaged with followers and how many times you have been mentioned.

  • Influencers – The top influencers of your community, as judged by followers/following ratio and your engagement history.
  • Supporters – Supporters help you ’spread the word’ by retweeting your statuses and sharing links to your content.
  • Engaged Members – These members engage with you more often than others. Engagement is measured across all activities, including mentions, retweets, DMs and favorites.


Manage Followers

There are a number of options for follows and unfollows, I found out that I was not following many of my top supporters by using this area, some were deleted by accident and some I just thought I was following so a good tool to have.

  • Consider to follow – Consider to follow these members. Their engagement level, influence level and relevance to you make them good prospects for follow
  • Consider to unfollow – These members make good candidates for unfollow. Members with low engagement level with you, and low influence level appear higher on the list
  • New Followers – These people started following you recently.
  • New Unfollows – These people stopped following recently

A Great feature with all of the engagement and follower menus is the ability to multi thank people that have started following you or mentioned you.

Monitor Engagement

Add keywords, URL’s, hashtags, anything that you might search for to keep track of your brand or your market area. This also helps you keep on top of any re-tweets that may lose your name or reference.


Discover New Leads

If you’re looking for specific or targeted Twitter following you can do that with the keyword following function. Discover and connect with relevant people, based on their profile, interests and conversations.


Groups, much like Twitter lists is a handy way to manage people by segmenting your community (i.e. Potential clients, People to Follow-up, Top Bloggers, etc).


There are two reports:

  • Activity Report – Showing reports of mentions, re-tweets, DMs, mentions and total reach
  • Engagement Report – at-a-glance look at top influencers, supporters rated by followers and engagement
Activity Report

Engagement Report

Meet The Team behind

The team behind are – Sharel Omer, Mike Polischuk and Ran Margaliot, clearly passionate about relationships and business, Mike had this to say: is a new and unique service that analyzes relationships and helps marketers to focus, cultivate and grow those that matter most (your influencers, supporters, potential clients)… our early crowd of marketers are WOWed by the value they get…we worked closely with the Buffer team and they were super helpful and excited to help us make this happen – Mike Polischuk –

For more details sign up for free at – prices start from $0 for a limited profile, $9.99 per month for 4 profiles, all the way up to $199 a month for an unlimited account.

For a more detailed walkthrough – watch this useful walkthrough video from  John Aguiar



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