SEO Masterclass with Barry Adams


New for 2018!

State of Digital’s very own Barry Adams is running a full day masterclass!

Barry Adams (138)

Barry Adams is one of the chief editors of State of Digital and is an award-winning SEO consultant delivering specialised technical SEO services to clients worldwide.

Who is this masterclass aimed at?

Ideally, you will have a decent grasp of the basics of SEO, such as keyword research, on-page SEO, and link building. After completing this training, you will be equipped with the knowledge, insight, and vocabulary to deal with technical SEO challenges.

When & Where?

We’re hosting this event at the amazing etc.venues County Hall. That’s a full day starting at 9:30am and finishing at 4pm pm on Tuesday 9th October 2018. The day AFTER the State of digital conference.

Who is leading the training?

Barry Adams SEO Consultant, Public Speaker & Educator, Specialist in News SEO & Technical SEO.

Barry is an award-winning SEO consultant specialising in technical SEO for news publishers and ecommerce websites. He’s been building and ranking websites since 1998, and has worked with a wide range of clients from micro-businesses to the world’s largest media companies.

Barry enjoys sharing his search engine optimisation knowledge and experience with the wider industry; he delivers annual guest lectures for local universities, writes a regular column for Search Engine Land, and is chief editor at popular European marketing blog State of Digital.

Barry is also a regular speaker at digital conferences around the world, including:
– Learn Inbound Dublin 2016, 2018
UnGagged Las Vegas 2017, 2018
– BrightonSEO 2016, 2017, 2018
– SMX Paris 2018
– Searchmetrics Summit London 2018
– Pubcon Las Vegas 2015, 2016, 2017
and many more.

Sounds like my kind of guy – What will Barry be covering?

For websites to perform well, their technical side now matters more than ever, but we know it’s often overwhelming and challenging due to its complexity. To grow your organic search presence, you need to master technical SEO foundations and truly understand search engine processes such as crawling, indexing, structured data and canonicalisation.
This technical SEO masterclass is for digital marketing professionals that have a basic understanding of SEO but want to take it to the next level. The masterclass is suitable for marketers who come from a non-technical background and want to be able to navigate the increasingly complex SEO landscape. If you don’t understand what web developers are saying, or you struggle to deal with concepts such as structured data and crawl budget, this training is for you.

  • The training consists of the following modules:

1. How Search Engines Work
We will begin by explaining how search engines work, and what the three main processes of every search engine are. This module will show where technical SEO fits in to the overall SEO stack and how it relates to search engines.

2. Web Infrastructure
Before we can start explaining technical SEO in detail, you first need to have a foundational understanding of the web’s technical underpinnings. Here we will explain internet connectivity, client-server architecture, and basic coding principles.

3. Crawl Optimisation
Optimising how search engine spiders crawl your website is the cornerstone of technical SEO. We will explain what crawl optimisation is, why it’s important, and how you can identify and fix crawl issues on your site. We will also discuss JavaScript and how it impacts on search engine crawling and indexing.

4. Load Speed & Mobile SEO
Fast-loading websites perform better for every conceivable metric. Optimising your site for speed is an important SEO aspect as well. You will learn how to identify load speed issues and what the best ways are to improve your site’s performance. With more searches performed on mobile devices than on desktop, and Google switching to a mobile-first index, optimising your site for mobile usability is not optional. We’ll show you the various ways you can improve your site’s mobile SEO and achieve success on mobile search.

5. Structured Data
Implementing structured data on your site will make your content machine-readable and unlocks a range of benefits. We’ll explain what structured data is, which snippets are most valuable, and how to implement it on your site.

6. Basic Site Security
Security issues on your site also impact on SEO and traffic. We’ll show some basic security checks you can perform and provide tools and tips to help make your website more secure.

7. International SEO
Sending the right geotargeting signals to Google can be tricky. International SEO signals are often implemented inaccurately, so here we’ll explain what makes for good international SEO and how you can make sure the right version of your content ranks in the right country.

8. The Future of SEO
We wrap up the workshop with a look at where search in general – and SEO in particular – is headed, and what technical developments you need to be aware of to prepare yourself for the future.

Sounds like a lot of content – will we get any breaks for the brain to recover?

Yes and no, you’ll get:

  • One-to-one advice. We’ve packed in plenty of time for quality conversations and keeping the number of attendees strictly limited.
  • Meals provided. This means a delicious catered breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea over the course of the entire masterclass.
  • An endless supply of caffeine. What would digital be without coffee/tea? There will be multiple breaks throughout the event to ensure you keep energised.
  • Why not attend the full conference the day before and save £100 using the bundle option below.
  • All local taxes and fees**