Content Marketing Cause and Effect

Content Marketing Cause and Effect

10th April 2013

Over the last 12 months with Google upping the ante on web spam in particular related to link building, there has been a general shift from the use of Free directories, article marketing to blogger out reach, PR and of course content marketing. Some great tools have been produced to help your efforts, whether it be to think of content suggestions or find ideas which have worked well.

Last year Yousaf Sekander launched his tool, which was basically a web software that you could put any site in and see which pages were shared the most and you could view number of tweets, Facebook shares etc. This was a great tool to look at what content has done well, not only on your own site but competitors or influential blogs etc.

The Missing Link

The missing link here is the affect on link building, you can do this manually take an export from Social Crawlytics and an export from one of the popular link databases (Moz, Majestic, Ahrefs etc.) to analyse which content has not only been shared but which content creates links.

Content’s effect on Link Building

To take this to the next stage have built into the software a ways to view the social profile of any URL side by side against the link profile, this is great step into discovering what content not only is shared well, but is also linked to, a great insight for any marketer.

Which Pages Continuously Get Shared?

Again great information to know, the pages that get shared over time will give you an idea of content which are not time orientated.

recent share increases

Cross Section of Links V Shares

Being able to determine quickly which pages are not only being shared but are gaining links can mean the difference between a content orientated campaign that flourishes or fails.  Of course you need to take into account, which pages you have been manually building links for but in general still useful information.

most shared pages

So have fun, play nicely.


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