Killing Writers Block – A Content Ideas Recipe
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Killing Writers Block – A Content Ideas Recipe

8th August 2013

So two weeks ago my third child was born… Well paternity has not really been an option as I grow my consultancy so a few sleepless nights a couple of morning and afternoons but its still full steam ahead. Of course my calender reminds me that I’m scheduled to post on

I’m going to talk about Categorising content, this is great if your planning a guest post and want to get the most leverage from your post but also good for general house keeping of your own content.


I’m an advocate of quality information (Something I know @basvandenbeld feels strongly about), so its not enough for me to simply post another Search or social post. So I finally get down to start writing my post and I’m between stages, basically a lot of the ideas I’m currently implementing are not finished or have been written about before or I’m simply waiting for data back on what succeeded or failed.

Idea Generation:

A lot of marketers talk about ideas to generate content (That’s great) but I’m also an advocate of results, I think at the end of each month (at the very least) you should be able to sit back and say I did that!

I did that - content recipe


The amount of content marketing or content writing companies that have sprung up in the past 12 months is amazing, why;

Its easy to sell content, companies buy something they can physically see.

However I find the ever growing problem is “does it produce any results?”

results - content recipe

Rishi Lakhani wrote a nice post talking about this its not enough to just build great content its as important to promote it.

But the underlying theme is create something great and promote it in a great way, simple eh?

Idea Generation

Well I’m thinking of ideas for my post and so I began to initially look a the Backlinks for State of Search using Majestic SEO, there are other tools which will focus on social shares as well as links (you can find out more in my post about content marketing cause and effect) but I did this to generate content ideas which helped form this article.

What types of content works?

I’ll put in a small caveat that this also depend on your social reach, how you promote it, how well read your blog is etc.

The key is I pulled out the top 40 linked to pages on state of search excluding the domain, I then categorized them as:

  • Bio
  • Debate
  • Event
  • Guide
  • Information
  • News
  • Opinion
  • Tools

I found this to be very useful to view which content had worked and why, from my experience of working with companies, they will often ignore “Bio pages” and even “debates” and focus on “news” only. Whilst “News” has been one of the larger content types to generate links, these other sources should not be forgotten.

linking domains by content type

But that’s for a Search Blog, of course its going to get links!

In the aid of research I carried out a similar task for a property blog. (I chose a site without a manipulated profile)

categories of property content

Here we see strong links towards guides and information, but also entertaining posts.

OK this is only displaying two examples and I might put some further research in to expand it, but I think its a great visual to show companies that are only doing part of this with their content writing. I’ve seen it a lot where some businesses focus on purely news which is great but loses any company voice.

So remember:

  • Diversify content
  • Create Results driven content

For me its time to feed the baby…


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