Keeping Content Within The Realms of White Hat Ethical Practice

Keeping Content Within The Realms of White Hat Ethical Practice

6th June 2012

I have been unable to go to SMX Seattle this week and therefore have no SMX posts for you today, so I thought that I would go through old conference notes and write up the ‘sessions that got away’.

Given the latest Google Penguin update has caused much upset, and that sites that got hit had issues with targeted keyword optimised anchor text and links from irrelevant sites – it seems appropriate to start with an unpublished session from Ralph Tegtmeier AKAFantomaster, who just happened to be talking at Ionsearch about staying within the realms of white hat ethical practice particularly where content and articles are concerned.

Black Into White: Automatic Content Generation For SEO And Social Network Marketing

Ralph Tegtmeier [under construction]

Throughout the session, Ralph talked at considerable length about the importance of creating white hat unique content. This can apply to multiple industries.

Ralph advised that content needs to be sculpted in such a way that search engines find the content unique, meaningful and useful – for example, websites that contain multiple products highlight the need for content specific articles on each product with historical information and subject relevancy to back up the product.

A site containing a database where there could be 50,000 products listed, unique content should and could be created for each product. This could be replicated to form many other websites, so long as the content stays unique, even if it says the same message each time.

Ralph stressed the need to make certain there are no grammatical errors within content on a website and that cutting corners within the process of content writing is a no- go area. One example of this would be a typo on one specific world, which would be ok within one article but if such an article were respun many thousands of times you would be heading for trouble.

Content needs to be created in such a way that search engines are unable to disseminate what is machine created and what is written by humans, in this way marketers will stay within the realms of white hat ethical practice.


  • Within the content of websites, particularly those that sell products there should be nothing that “pesters buyers”
  • With a well placed infrastructure, a scalable and profitable solution is possible to distribute unique content on the internet but with that decisions need to be made in terms of ROI.
  • There can be problems with affiliates and content
  • Ralph suggest that even producing 1 unique article per week, is much better in terms of search engine optimisation.

Ralph’s viewpoint is that it is entirely possible to extend profitability to each of your websites by creating unique content for all of them which is welcome news to affiliate networks or anyone that hits a wall when it comes to content.

I personally dislike article spinners that charge you way too much money to essentially just have you write a block of text out 5 times and say “ta daaaa you now have 5 unique articles” (you know who you are!), but having spoken to Ralph recently at SasCon he says that the content writing processes used online are often underestimated in terms of their complexity and that of course the original articles need to make sense for them to really work

Ralph talks of article spinning software of which there are many around and suggests that most of them do not do well within search because they use the same common spinning syntax.- so I am looking forward to seeing how content generation has evolved with the imminent launch of his new product via LogoBotixx

In the meantime, Ralph recommends which can be used on a trial basis initially, this software differs as the synonym model will change phrases real people rather than thesaurus.

More ‘unreleased sessions’ to follow in the coming weeks!


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