Conversion Conference Hamburg – Day Two

Conversion Conference Hamburg – Day Two

1st November 2010

The second day of the Conversion Conference started with a session about PPC and landing pages. The speaker, Kai Radanitsch of Ebusinesslab, started with some basic information about navigational, informational and transactional search.
An interesting point was the AIDA effect in PPC. You probably all know the A (Attention), I (Interest), D (Desire), A (Action), but I never thought about releasing it to a PPC ad like this:

Headline (Attention)
First Line (Interest)
Second Line (Desire)
Display URL (Action)

A few tips from Kai:
– always bring one number in your PPC ad. Write “flights from 50 €” not “flights from 50-100 €”
– people are scanning the landing page for your search term. Always put your search term on the landing page.
– watch out for 404 pages when you have large campaigns (regularly check your destination urls). On your 404 page give the user information and options. (Personal note: In my opinion the 404 page of is a good example of a good 404 page: 🙂
– Define a primary goal of a landing page, but also define a secondary goal for those who don’t convert the first goal

A workshop that, in my opinion, had little to do with conversion optimization, was the session of Robert Seeger “Earn money with Facebook & Co.” Anyway it was one of the most inspiring sessions. I suggest that if you need inspiration on Social Media go to see a session of Robert!
The first tip Robert had was a good one: if you want to earn money with Facebook, become a Facebook consultant 🙂 It was a funny session with a lot of interesting examples. So in this post I’ll show you some of his examples:
– Facebook in real live
– The future of shopping
– Social shopping comes to levi’s:
– an interesting concept of Wet Seal:

Examples of great Facebook integrations:
Pandora Jewelry with 500.000 Users/month:

Another interesting thing I didn’t know about Facebook: it’s possible to integrate a shopping module in your wall. Unfortunately it’s pretty expensive: $ 30.000 + 8% revenue share.

Some Wlan connection problems prevented me to live twitter all the sessions. Unfortunately my struggle with the network prevented me from taking notes of all the sessions. Especially the session of Andre Morys of Web Arts AG with a case study of Dr. Jan Herstell of Frontlineshop is worth a mention. Just read his manifesto for conversion optimization and you know some things they were talking about.

At the end I think the Conversion Conference was a good conference. Some presentations were a bit boring, but especially day two was packed with great sessions and good speakers.
But let me close this post criticizing some of the speakers with this tweet:

“Funny that conversion optimizers use white characters on a yellow background. They should know better 🙂 #convconhh”

You can do better 🙂

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