Conversion Killers and Usability Pitfalls – Conversion Conference London

Karl Blanks from conversion rate experts started by saying don’t just whack a whole lot of best practises into your site.

Most common conversion killers:
• They aren’t in shopping mode – they are just browsing. Integrate them into your community. Offer free reports, create a forum
• Fatal distraction – you get interrupted a lot of the time. So many shopping visits are interrupted so get their email address sooner rather than later.
• They don’t believe your company or product are very good – establish trust by association. Media mentions, expert reviews, customer testimonials, celebrity associations
• Prospect defers decision – emphasise scarcity incorporate rolling offers
• Competitor gets the sale – niching, emphasise that you’re a specialist

Find your problems and fix them with relevant tools and insight.

Stefan Wobben from Concept 7 focused on funnel failures.

50% to 80% of shopping carts are abandoned. Increase motivation and decrease complexity results in higher conversion rate. The small stuff matters in shopping cart funnels.

Common mistakes:
• Too much distraction – , includes the menu and other text resulting in a lot of distraction
• I don’t want to register – form length is a big drawback, checkout as guest is a good option
• Don’t open up a new window for privacy policies – have model popups using javascript
• Progress bar to show how many steps
• Estimate delivery date within the checkout
• What was the price of what I was ordering? Eliminate the back button click by having the total on each page.
• Thank you messages, use for upsell cross sell or include into social networks.
• If all else fails put a telephone number up there

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