Conversion Ninja Toolbox – Conversion Conference London

Conversion Ninja Toolbox – Conversion Conference London

2nd November 2010

Tim Ash started the session with a tough truth. We see our web marketing as a rolling out the web carpet yet our visitors view is a castle wall that they have to climb to buy. The time has come to identify that we have all built the ugly baby. Look for problems constantly.

Top tools to find out that your baby is ugly:

Crazy egg
In page web analytics tool that allows mouse heat maps, click confetti and gives you a click link overlay. Google analytics overlay gives you a page to page click through rate not what button that they clicked on. It will also give you feedback on user behaviour based on screen resolution and browser type.

Click tale has user session recordings and playback. You can also segment that for people that abandon the shopping cart. They also have advanced link analytics and cover hesitation, hover and timings.

Advanced Form Analytics:
• how far to people scroll?
• do they reach the bottom of the page?
• What form fields are commonly left blank?
• Which form fields cause the most confusion?
• Which links are hvered over but not clicked?
• Gives you details on every page funnel conversion on a form basis.
• Gives you a timing report for every form field completion time
Online usability testing tool that get users to undertake a task on your website. Pre-screened subjects that are taught to speak out loud will test the site and you get an audio and video recording and text transcript. Results are quick, you can get the results in a day at the most. Go and benchmark your competitor sites so that you can see what the users like about it.

Cross browser testing
Test the site with different OS, browser and resolution combinations. It Is a pay by the minute for screenshots or live testing. It allows you to identify usability issues with different configurations, finding broken or poor site operation and finding distorted special relationships.

Attention wizard
Simulated attention tool. It creates attention heat maps of web pages, works with live and mocked up designs. No actual visitors are needed. Instant results, just upload an image. It’s used during the design stage.

You can:
• Identify visual elements that distract from the goal
• Determine the exact amount of emphasis between the visual elements

Bonus tools:
• Mockflow – for wireframing, it takes the ego out of design decisions
• – a/b and MVT tool
• Kampyle – 5% of people will give you feedback surveys
• Loop 11 – create your own user test online
Take aways:
• Take off the rose coloured glasses, your baby is ugly to a lot of people
• Get to work and effect change

Action Plan
1. Install in page analytics, whether that’s crazy egg or click tale
2. Check browser pages with cross browser testing
3. Have 5 users complete a task using
4. Redesign your page and double check using


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Louis Venter is the founding director and CEO of MediaVision, a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) company specialising in all areas of search. His particular interests are organic search marketing, paid search marketing, conversion strategy and online PR.
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