Content (Marketing) Strategy

You want to reach your target audience. You want to make them feel at home with you. You want to tell them how great you are and how well they would fit with you. You know that content is the way to get their attention. But not just any content will do. You need great content. Content that works.

Your time and resources are valuable. You want to make sure you do the right thing and not waste time and money.

But how to get that?

In this course you will be taken through 6 steps that determine your content marketing success strategy.

In this course you will learn:

- How to look at content marketing
- What is important and what isn’t in content marketing
- What to do to have a great execution.
- What types of content work for what goal
- What channels you should look at
- How to define what to do and what not to do
- How to only create the content that works and not waste valuable time and resources

The course has tests, downloadable material and interactive modules. It will fit with what you need.

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Before you start...
Unit 2 What really is Content Marketing?
Unit 3 Examples of Content Marketing
Unit 4 Why is Content Marketing important?
Unit 5 (Why) do you need a strategy?
Unit 6 Quiz to go to the next module!
Module 2 Module 2: Objectives and goals
Unit 1 Goals and Objectives: The Why and The What
Unit 2 The Why of your business (with assignment!)
Unit 3 Determining your goals and objectives
Unit 4 Goals and Objectives getting you ready for future success
Unit 5 Module 2 Quiz
Module 3 Module 3: Your business
Unit 1 Your business
Unit 2 Your story
Unit 3 How will your business become a content marketing success machine?
Unit 4 Module 3: Getting your business involved
Unit 5 Module 3 Quiz
Module 4 Module 4: Your audiences
Unit 1 Introduction to Module 4: Audiences
Unit 2 Understanding the different types of audiences
Unit 3 Who are we targeting?
Unit 4 Where is my audience?
Unit 5 What is it my audience wants?
Unit 6 Understand the landscape
Unit 7 Staying up-to-date
Unit 8 The difference phases people can be in
Unit 9 Quiz Module 4
Module 5 Content Types
Unit 1 Introduction to Module 5: Content Types
Unit 2 The different content types
Unit 3 Examples of different content types
Unit 4 What fits you best?
Unit 5 What fits your audience?
Unit 6 How to connect different content types
Unit 7 Quiz Module 5
Module 6 Module 6: Execution
Unit 1 Introduction to module 6
Unit 2 How to plan for execution
Unit 3 How to get your organisation to help
Unit 4 How to amplify your content
Unit 5 Measurement
Unit 6 Quiz questions module 6
Module 7 Extra Module: Tools
Unit 1 6 Tools You Should be Using to Inspire Your Content
Unit 2 18 Free Visual Marketing Tools to Boost your Content Marketing Efforts
Unit 3 PR and Outreach tools: Gorkana vs BuzzStream
Unit 4 18 Tools for Conversion Rate Optimisation
Unit 5 Use Screaming Frog to Quickly Focus Your SEO Efforts
Unit 6 23 brilliant non-SEO tools to boost your agency’s productivity
Unit 7 5 Social Media Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier
Unit 8 Content Marketing Tools from external sources
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