Get Your Free Copy of the Creativity E-Book

Get Your Free Copy of the Creativity E-Book

29th April 2014

Creativity, for some it is something mysterious, it’s something for others, like designers or the Steve Jobs’ of this world. But is it really? Or is creativity much more than drawing a nice picture?  Shelli Walsh, our newest member of the team, spent a lot of hours figuring out what creativity really is. For that she did research, she talked to people and influentials and she looked at what it takes to really be creative.

Shelli was able to collect information from many big names like Rand Fishkin, Lee Odden, Neil Patel and not to forget, Chris Brogan.

Yesterday we already published part of the e-book for you. Now the e-book is available to read entirely. For Free! You can get your copy by filling in your details below and the download link will be sent to you.

Written by:

The book is written by Shelli Walsh. Shelli is a creative consultant for digital marketing under the brand name ShellShock. Shelli has 18 years professional creative, marketing and business experience and uses this expertise to help brands spread their message online through creative content strategies.

Make sure you start making your creative life a bit better by reading this book.

Preview samples of the e-book:

creativity-ebook-frontcreativity-ebook-contents  creativity-ebook-chaptercreativity-ebook-lee

Some quotes from the e-book:

[Tweet ““Creativity is not a talent, it’s a way of operating.” John Cleese”]

[Tweet “Considered to be exclusive to artists and designers, creativity is in fact a skill we can all access.”]

[Tweet “Understanding how to think will drastically improve your creativity.”]

[Tweet “Always carry a notebook for when inspiration strikes”]

[Tweet “Creativity is educated out of us as we develop.”]

[Tweet “Get into the habit of generating ideas everyday”]

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