Crossing the e-commerce Border in Europe

We are ‘Europe’, we are ‘one’.

It’s a sentence which can lead to a lot of discussion in different countries. We, after all, all have our own roots, our own culture. We come from different backgrounds.

But when it comes to e-commerce and search, boundaries are starting to disappear. We seem to ‘care less’ about where we buy, as long as we get the right products. For the right price.

Bing advertising has been producing a report, called ‘Crossing Borders’ in the past few months, looking at the internationalitation in Europe when it comes to advertsing and search.

In the report industry experts speak about their thoughts around international markets and how marketers should act on it. Amongst the experts are Kevin Gibbons, Andy Atkins Kruger and yours truly, Bas van den Beld.

Download the Cross-Border E-Commerce whitepaper here

Cedric Chambaz from Bing says about the report:

“The European Union was built on a great idea of a common market… But the internet has really helped accelerate that vision by further abolishing the physical borders of your shopping area. Consumer intents are nowadays truly border-less. And the search advertising allows you to capture with equal efficiency the local, the regional and the global intents. There are just some pitfalls that brands, from the SMB to the larger ecommerce brands, should avoid. This is what this paper is about: tips and best practices to size this growing opportunity of crossborder e-commerce in Europe.”

Download the Cross-Border E-Commerce whitepaper here

Bing also created this infographic to go along with it:


Download the Cross-Border E-Commerce whitepaper here

Bas van den Beld

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