Danny Sullivan: ‘You’d Think Everyone in the World was Hit by Panda’

Danny Sullivan: ‘You’d Think Everyone in the World was Hit by Panda’

13th March 2014


This week in San Jose SMX West takes place. It is one of the biggest SMX shows in the world. When it comes to Europe London and Munich are the most important ones. In London in May this year the man behind SMX and Search Engine Land, Danny Sullivan, will be present again. Together with Chris Sherman he decides on the program and the speakers.

Danny is also the most experienced journalist in search. He has been looking at the development of the search industry since it started. So he is the best man to ask questions about how “Search” is doing these days. Is it ruled by Google’s Panda and Penguin updates? How will Facebook be coming into this? And are brands doing it well when it comes to putting search on the agenda?

These were all questions I got to ask Danny last week when we sat down for a nice talk about the state of the industry and to talk a little bit about the upcoming SMX London. Danny had a lot of remarkable quotes and lessons for us. Some of the quotes you can find below the video of the talk.

What Danny said

Here are some quotes from the interview with Danny Sullivan:

[Tweet “‘Search is doing fine. It depends on how you want to measure things.’ – @dannysullivan”]

[Tweet “‘SEO still remains an after thought for the brands.’ – @dannysullivan”]

[Tweet “‘We’ve had to change all our behaviour’ – @dannysullivan”]

[Tweet “‘Hummingbird was a complete re-write of the search engine’ – @dannysullivan”]

[Tweet “‘Panda and Penguin attention, you would think everyone in the world was hit.’- @dannysullivan”]

[Tweet “‘If you’re friends with a brand you will see more of their content’ – @dannysullivan”]

[Tweet “‘People don’t have a reason to change from Google’ – @dannysullivan”]


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