Dave Naylor about how search (not) sucks, Google and Bing

Dave Naylor about how search (not) sucks, Google and Bing

14th February 2011

This weekend TechCrunch posted an article about how Search still sucks based on a story which came out through the New York Times last week in which a company was ‘caught’ buying links in Google. Arrington responded to this and Google’s attack on Bing last week by saying that search still sucks. It looked like linkbait from Arrington to me to be honest.

But there is a lot you can say about this, and a lot which will be said. We decided we would go to one of the experts on the matter to see how he feels about it. In the State of Search expert opinion we asked Dave Naylor about his views on the matter. He addressed Arrington’s article, but also the ‘battle’ between Bing and Google.


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