Digital Marketers Look a Likes: Tony Hadley and Dave Naylor

Digital Marketers Look a Likes: Tony Hadley and Dave Naylor

24th January 2016

This is a new (fun) weekly feature on State of Digital: celebrities that look like Digital Marketers.

Yes, that’s right, it’s the celebrities that look like us, not the other way around! Not meant to be making fun off someone, but just because some resemblances we found striking. On Sunday’s, you will find out who looks like a well known digital marketer. And you can even suggest your own! Thank you for the suggestions so far, you will definitely see some off them here!

Tony Hadley and… Dave Naylor!

This week we found the look-a-like of Dave Naylor. Dave is a well know figure in the Search Industry and (co-)founder of Bronco, an SEO agency in the UK. Dave’s look-a-like is singer Tony Hadley who of course is known as the lead singer of ‘Spandau Ballet’. Their personalities might differ, their looks are a-like!


Other look-a-likes we found:

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