Discussion: Google might buy Groupon, so what?

Discussion: Google might buy Groupon, so what?

30th November 2010

It’s Tuesday again, which means that there is another live State of Search radioshow today! Bas and Roy will today be joined by our fellow blogger Peter Young, author of the post “Search and social: A match made in heaven?” yesterday, a post which will surely be talked about on the show.

In the show tonight, which will be aired live on webmasterradio.fm (8pm European time, which is 7 in the UK, and in the US it’s at 2pm on the East Coast and 11am on the West Coast, join us in the chat room!), we will be discussing several different topics again.

One of the topics we’ll discuss without a doubt is the rumor that Google is buying Groupon. As you may have noticed this has been discussed on many different blogs already. And yes, we will give our take on it. But before we do that and because of the huge amount of discussion already taking place we’d like to get YOUR opinion on this deal.

So therefore today our discussion topic is:

Google might buy Groupon, so what?

Tell us what you think about this deal. Is it worth discussing? Will it change our live? Let us know and you might be featuring in the show tonight! If you are listening live and you have posted a statement here which is interesting enough for us to cover we might just call you and get you in the show! So give it to us!

You can listen to the show live and join us in the chatroom to discuss what they are talking about and more! Not able to listen to the show live? No problem, you can find all the shows right here or on Facebook and off course, if you never want to miss out on any of the shows, subscribe to the show on iTunes. Be sure to also subscribe to our Twitter feed or Facebook page so you won’t miss out there either!


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