Discussion: What does a monitoring tool really need?

Discussion: What does a monitoring tool really need?

22nd November 2010

There are many many many tools out there to use to optimize your online strategy. Analytic -tools, monitoring tools, buzz-tools, all sorts of different tools. Some of them very good, others crap.

Tomorrow on a new State of Search radioshow we are going to talk about one of these tools: Raven Tools. As guests on the show we have Jon Henshaw, Co-Founder & Product Manager of Raven Tools and Taylor Pratt, the Product Marketing Manager.

In the show tomorrow, which will be aired live on webmasterradio.fm (8pm European time, which is 7 in the UK, and in the US it’s at 2pm on the East Coast and 11am on the West Coast, join us in the chat room!), we will be discussing Raven Tools. We will off course be talking about their product and how to use it.

There is off course the opportunity to ask questions or put in statements in the chat room, but we want to start the discussion early here, but as we did last week with Stephen we’d like to open the discussion already today by getting questions and statements from you!

So therefore today our discussion topic is:

What does a monitoring tool really need?

Tell us what you believe a good monitoring tool should do and how you use it. Do you really need all the stuff it can do? Are there elements which any tool should have? What can make a tool stand out? Let us know!

You can listen to the show live and join us in the chatroom to discuss what they are talking about and more! Not able to listen to the show live? No problem, you can find all the shows right here or on Facebook and off course, if you never want to miss out on any of the shows, subscribe to the show on iTunes. Be sure to also subscribe to our Twitter feed or Facebook page so you won’t miss out there either!


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Bas van den Beld is an award winning Digital Marketing consultant, trainer and speaker. He is the founder of State of Digital and helps companies develop solid marketing strategies.
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