Discussion: what does the new Places Search mean?

Discussion: what does the new Places Search mean?

2nd November 2010

Last week Google decided to take a completely different route when it comes to local. With the roll out of Place Search Google made huge changes to the way they are presenting local results. The “7 Pack” is gone, the map moved to the right, local results now are dominating the page on specific searches.

Google made these changes with a purpose. But why? Is Google aiming to go local all the way? Or is there something else? What do you think?

One thing which is remarkable is that Google has made the map “floating” which means that if you scroll down, the map scrolls down too, overlapping the ads…:

I’m not going to write a huge post on the changes (take a look at Greg Sterling’s post over at Search Engine Land to get an overview) but I do want to open the discussion here on why Google is doing this, especially with the floating map. This doesn’t seem to be a very good thing for advertisers, does it? Or do you think Google has other reasons? Share them with us in the comments!

NB: tonight on the State of Search radioshow we will discuss this topic as well. Tonight for once at 6PM UK time, 7PM Europe!

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