Doesn’t Cutts get Europe?

Doesn’t Cutts get Europe?

9th June 2010

Ok, this is a bit of a bold statement, does Cutts get Europe? It seems like he doesn’t, at least if you look at the answer he is giving on a question Dave Davis asked. Davis asked:

“AdWords allows (and it’s pretty accurate) location targeting. Why can’t you guys allow multiple country targeting in Webmaster Tools instead of just one? It would solve an age old problem for webmasters targeting multiple countries.”

This is something which has been bothering me for a while. For example when I was at Searchcowboys I really wanted to target Europeans. That was impossible, it was either the Dutch or the US or the world. Here’s what Cutts answered:

In my opinion this is an answer which is too easy. “People might click all the countries”. What!?

I think Cutts is taking the American approach here. US sites tend to focus on the US. Multiple countries are not important for US siteowners, so probably a US-Googler might think the same. Which means he doesn’t understand that for example in Europe there are multiple countries you might want to target who in the US might not even be as big as two states. Just think about Ireland / UK or Netherlands / Belgium, Belgium / France, Germany / Austria etcetera.

What do you think?


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