Doing something new: (live) interviews coming from A4U Munich

Doing something new: (live) interviews coming from A4U Munich

30th May 2011

In little over a week’s time one of the bigger international affiliate / search events in Europe will start in Munich, Germany: A4U Expo Europe. This event again takes place in the Hilton Munich Park Hotel in Munich and will give us an insight on the world of affiliates in combination with search and social. How do affiliates handle the Panda Update? Is Social “the holy grail” for Affiliate Marketing? All questions that will be answered in Munich next week.

State of Search is as always media partner for A4U Munich. We will again be covering the event as usual, but this time we are doing something very special. In cooperation with A4U Expo and Linkdex we will be bringing you interviews with speakers and attendees from the floor of the expo hall! And if the technique works with us you will be able to get a LIVE insight into what is going on in Munich.

So what will we be doing exactly?

At A4U Munich there is, as always, an Expo Hall in which sponsors can exhibit and people can network. Looking over that Expo Hall there will be a special booth in which we will be talking to people about A4U Expo, what their experiences are, but also what is keeping them busy in their day-to-day business. Off course we will also be getting speakers to talk about what they have been telling the audience on stage.

Off course it is possible for you to ask questions to the speakers, drop a question in our comment-section below, (don’t forget to mention for which speaker!) or twitter it using #a4ustate so we can pick it up from Twitter. Don’t worry, we’ll remind you of this next week too ;).

The talks will be aired as soon as possible. If the technique doesn’t fail us we will try to broadcast the live right here on State of Search. Otherwise you will be seeing the interviews appear almost as soon as they have finished.

We will also be making a compilation of some of our talks with Roy Huiskes to put on air at our radioshow so be sure to follow that next week too!

What can you expect from A4U Expo? (And a discount!)

Do you want to go to A4U Expo? You can find an overview of the program here and Matthew Wood, organizer, talked to us on the radioshow two weeks ago about the program, so listen that back. He there also offered you as a State of Search reader a discount on the show! Use discount code SOS10 when you sign up to get 10% off!

Who do you want to hear?

The question off course is, who would you like to listen to in one of our interviews. Vote below who should be at our table and we will try to get that speaker to talk to us! Find a list of speakers bio’s here.

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