Don’t Miss International Search Summit in Barcelona

Don’t Miss International Search Summit in Barcelona

27th September 2017

I interview Gemma Houghton, Marketing Manager and Producer at Webcertain to find out more about their International Conference. Gemma has been running their popular conference International Search Summit (ISS) for a number of years and I wanted to find out about the upcoming ISS in Barcelona.

State of Digital readers will get a discount off the event on October 5th, where Gary Illyes from Googlewill be doing a Q&A session. He’ll be answering questions on everything international including geo-targeting, mobile optimisation and content creation. There will also be  Bastian Grimm (Peak Ace), Mikkel deMib Svendsen (Waimea Digital) and Andy Atkins-Krüger (Webcertain) who are long-time experts in international SEO and who will be sharing technical SEO tips for improving global website performance, geo-targeting and more.

International Search Summit

There will be multiple Q&A opportunities, and networking sessions to enable attendees to chat to speakers and fellow attendees.

Watch the full video here:


How long have you been running ISS?

Webcertain has been running ISS since 2008 – when we held the first one in London. We’ve now held it more than 40 times in 7 countries.

Why was it set up (eg gap in the market)?

At every conference we attended, international topics barely made the agenda – and if they did, it was normally just one session, looking at very high level topics. But there are lot of technical, cultural and linguistic elements that affect international campaigns and really specific challenges that face marketers and businesses managing global websites and campaigns. So the International Search Summit was created to fill the gap and dive deep into the issues and challenges that global SEO and SEM bring.

International Search Summit

You interview a lot of guests on WebCertain TV, was this off the back of ISS ? Eg did you run the interviews when running ISS in US, Germany ?

Both the International Search Summit and are ways to share knowledge about international search and I think was an extension of what we were doing with ISS. We were travelling to different countries and hearing great talks from super knowledgeable people – enables us to talk in-depth with them and share their insights with a wider audience, than just those attending the events.

International Search Summit

State of Digital readers get a discount off the price of the ticket, simply go to the WebCertain page and enter the code ISS10STOD.


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