Easter Egg Google: Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

Easter Egg Google: Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

17th September 2012

Google has placed a new Easter Egg in the search engine which is based on the game ‘Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon’. The purpose of the game is that every player has to link an actor in a maximum of six steps to Hollywood actor Kevin Bacon, known for films like Apollo 13, Wild Things, A Few Good Men, Mystic River and X-Men First Class.

The higher the number how farther away the actor is removed from Kevin Bacon, actors who worked directly with Bacon will get a Bacon number of 1. The game itself is based on the theory Six degrees of separation which states that everyone on earth through a network can be connected to each other in six different steps. With the game in Google you can check in how many steps an actor is linked to Kevin Bacon.

By performing the query ‘Bacon number’ followed by the name of an actor you will see in how many steps the actor is connected. For example after performing the query ‘Bacon number Will Smith‘ like in the screenshot below you can see that Will Smith’s Bacon number is 2. While he is not directly connected with Kevin Bacon he did played with Josh Brolin in the movie Men in Black 3 (Funny movie!) and Josh Brolin played with Kevin Bacon in the movie Hollow man.

The information shown is coming from the Knowledge Graph, introduced by Google earlier this year. Like we covered before there are more of these Knowledge Graph Easter Eggs. Recently one was discovered regarding Chuck Norris and earlier there was an egg related to Lionel Richie.

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Source picture Kevin Bacon: starnews.cinenews.be


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