Ecommerce Optimisation – Conversion Conference London

Ecommerce Optimisation – Conversion Conference London

1st November 2010

Ben Jesson from Conversion Rate Experts

Process for e-commerce optimisation
1) Identify blocked arteries
2) Understand non converting visitors
3) Prioritise ideas and create experimental strategy
4) Create content for experiments
5) Test your new creative using A/B or MVT
6) Analyse results and transfer winners into other media

Tips and Tricks
1) Why choose you? – A simple creds panel on why a customer should choose you. Test your customer base for their reasons and incorporate them into your design
2) Urgency and scarcity – create deals and integrate that into your store. Create reasons to have specials and implement them site wide.
3) Don’t be afraid of long copy, use as much as you need to sell the product – see the kindle product page length. Listen to how it’s sold offline and implement that online.

Hidden opportunities

Top converting websites:
• Proflowers = 40%
• Office depot 28%
• Online retail total 25%

Evaluate the total process of their conversion activity, its more about the total picture than website design. They use email retargeting as much as possible to people that drop off the funnel.

Rok Hrastnik – Studio Moderna

Studio Moderna is the largest European DRTV retailer
• Don’t obsess about your website, compare against traffic cost.
• Focus on your shopping cart, get rid of main menu, add security trust elements
• The right offer makes all the difference. Different offers cost more money but don’t just measure conversion rate, measure the bottom line.
• Different user segments react differently to different layouts. Check against browser types and geo-targets.
• Geography makes a huge different, make sure you make significant changes for different markets
• Product videos increase conversion rate
• Optimise based on keyword
• Make sure you check your landing pages and match them to the user intent
• Be bold and test big changes
• Eventually small changes will deliver a diminishing return, you will it a wall
• Use focus groups to come up with key improvements
• Help tips for buying
• Social commerce, in-depth guides all help people buy
• Your customers hold the key for your salvation

Charles Nicholls – SeeWhy

They specialise in recovering abandoned shopping carts.

Industry average results in a 71% abandonment rate from shopping cart. Christmas period this increases. Biggest reason (44%) for abandonment is shipping and handling cost, not yet ready to buy (41%) and I wanted to compare prices on other sites (22%).

What’s been left on the table? 20 million per year turnover company = £46.6 million abandoned their carts.

Why so high?
• Most brands don’t follow up
• Follow up time is typically 6.1 days after abandonment

Timing is everything, 90% of ecommerce leads go cold within an hour (MIT research).

• Immediate email – oops did something happen? Results in a 57% open rate on first email, 22% CTR, 11% conversion rate
• 23 hours : why you need to act? 55% open rate 6% conversion rate
• 6 days : its not too late! 3% conversion rate 50% open rate (include promotion in this last email)

Make the emails personal to spike conversion rates, include the phone number for people that need reassurance. A great deal of people respond to why they abandoned in the first place.

Email design tips:
1) Service tone
2) Personal
3) Include pictures of the product
4) Emotional connection
5) Click here to view your cart
6) Multiple methods of contact

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