Enterprise scale API for Social Crawlytics

Enterprise scale API for Social Crawlytics

7th November 2012

Identifying your competitor’s most shared content has just got a whole lot easier…

Further to our recent post on new features in Social Crawlytics,  Yousaf Sekander at www.rocketmill.co.uk tells us they have recently finished working on an enterprise scale API. This means means that now anyone can use the Social Crawlytics API to pull social stats into their applications/dashboards and use all the features of Social Crawlytics through the API.

Loved by many including Mike King at iAcquire (AKA @ipullrank) who had this to say:

“SocialCrawlytics is an invaluable tool that fills a need for all digital marketers and the launch of API makes it that much easier to integrate it into everything we’re doing at iAcquire and in my own personal work. I encourage everyone to jump on it!” – Mike King – Director of Inbound Marketing at iAcquire

Getting Started with Social Crawlytics API

The Social Crawlytics API is stateless, meaning there’s no sessions or cookies to manage, you just need to supply your account token and key with each API request you make.

It’s recommended to read the online documentation to get a better understanding of how the API works. You will need a knowledge of PHP but Yousaf has provided some sample code to help users get started, which means that you could build an application with Social Crawlytics data in a matter of hours.



Examples of Available Commands

You can use Social Crawlytics’ API service to collect data, automate reports,  and interact with sites in various other ways.

Create a New API Instance

Allowing you to make requests to the API server.


The Social Crawlytics API makes use of callbacks “via anonymous (Closure) functions to provide a better method of dealing with API output“.

Requests to the API

Making requests has been kept simple and resources in the API documentation convert like for like to PHP commands. For example, the following code would be used for getting a list of reports:


If you would like more information on the Social Crawlytics API -. visit https://socialcrawlytics.com/

You can find interactive docs here: https://socialcrawlytics.com/docs/api/interactive  and sample code here: https://github.com/ysekand/socialcrawlytics-php-api


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