Eric Schmidt: “Google Not Favoring Plus”

Eric Schmidt: “Google Not Favoring Plus”

11th January 2012

One of the main first responses to Google’s launch of ”Search Plus Your World” yesterday was that Google was favoring themselves over other Social Networks, an accusation which is in the line of many accusations in the past year: is Google favoring themselves in the search results? It never seemed more clear than this time that Google indeed is favoring themselves over others. Even Twitter responded to the launch with a statement which hinted in that direction, but more about that later.

At CES 2012 Danny Sullivan stepped up to Eric Schmidt to confront him with that issue. Schmidt was crystal clear in his comments: he feels Google is not favoring their own product, they would love to add both Facebook and Twitter to this feature, but hey, they don’t want to give Google their data. He clearly points at the ‘others’ in this part.

On Marketingland Danny has a write up about his talk. We will be going more into this matter later on today.


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