Euro 2012: Google Streetview Lets You be There

Euro 2012: Google Streetview Lets You be There

12th June 2012

So Euro 2012 is well under way, the first matches have been played, each country knows where it stands. Our traveling blogger Jo has already seen the first matches with locals, keep an eye on that. There is a lot going on around the games and there are many fans from the different teams present in the Ukraine and Poland. However, most people watch the games from home or in the pub. They don’t get to see the stadiums from inside.

Luckily there is Google Streetview. Somehow the Streetview cars have made their way inside the stadiums and they took pictures. You now can virtually walk around the grounds on which your countries team is playing. We’ve lined them up for you below.

Ukrain stadiums

NSC Olimpiyskiy (Olympic Stadium), Kyiv 

Donbass Arena, Donetsk 

Metalist Stadium, Kharkiv

Arena Lviv

Poland Stadiums

National Stadium, Warsaw

Municipal Stadium, Poznan

PGE Arena, Gdansk

Municipal Stadium, Wroc?aw


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